Fake Orgasm Contests Get Sturgis Campground Guests Hot and Bothered

Show the Judges Your “O” Face for Your Chance to Win Cool Buffalo Chip Swag!

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Are you a screamer? Do you moan and groan? Maybe you bite! Whatever your style, join the party and show off your best fake orgasm at the Fake Orgasm Contest during the annual Fan Fest Celebration at the CrossRoads on Sunday, Aug. 3. If you’ve got the best “O” face, you’ll be leaving with a cool Buffalo Chip prize pack. Now there’s something to brag about!

The rules are simple…When it’s your turn, just hop up on the CrossRoads stage, and give it your all. Step up to the mic, close your eyes and imagine what you need to make it your best fake orgasm ever! Give the judges your best moan and groan, and you could walk away with a fun prize pack courtesy of the Legendary Buffalo Chip and Fan Fest host, Iron Cowgirl Missy

Don’t miss out on the Fake Orgasm Contest or any Fan Fest’s other crazy contests like the Beer Belly Contest, Loudest Pipes Contest or Cherry Pie Eating Contest. Head to the CrossRoads stage to join in on all the fun and hilarity from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 3!


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Do you know someone you think has been faking you good? Or how ‘bout someone who should enter this contest? Call 'em out in the comments box below! Or tell us about your best fake out and why you think you'll love this contest.