Campground Services are Second to None at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

Deluxe Rally Accommodations Provide You With Everything You Need



In our printed version of the essentials guide it incorrectly states that Wifi is free. Please note that the WIFI has been upgraded to a much better service by a third party vendor that supplies faster, more reliable unlimited access.

West River Cable Television will make powerful WiFi signals available everywhere at the Chip. Connection and payment of the fee is as convenient as at the finest hotels.

RV Dump/Fill Services

The Buffalo Chip has three dump stations. The station at the West Gate can be used prior to entering the campground. The other dump stations can be found near the North Shower House and at the South Forty Camping Area on the East side of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip campground. Please refer to the campground map for exact locations.

Waste Connections, Inc. offers pump service to all RV campers staying at the Buffalo Chip and the convenience of a pre-pay and save package for up to four pumps. Dry RV campers can also take advantage of potable water with the fill service option.

Laundry Service

The Buffalo Chip has two Laundromats—one in the North Shower House and one in the South Shower House. Please refer to the campground map for exact locations.

During the Rally, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip also contracts with Black Hills Laundry Service. Between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., Chipsters can drop their items off with the on-site service for a nominal fee. Clean items will then be available for pickup within 24 hours.

Free Showers

The Buffalo Chip has more than 60 showers conveniently located at the North and South ends of the campground. We are proud to provide guests with hot, clean showers and well-maintained shower stalls. The Buffalo Chip employs a full time staff during the Rally to keep shower houses serviced around the clock.

Shower Vendor

The Buffalo Chip contracts with a vendor who sets up stations at the campground and provides showers for a nominal fee.

Public Toilets

The Chip has plenty of clean toilets. While not every toilet at the campground is a flush toilet, each one is cleaned, sanitized and maintained daily. Chris Graham and his crew position themselves outside the amphitheater, clean the toilets and hand out paper towels after each use.

Private Toilets

You can now have your own private portalet at your campsite for the duration of the Rally. Waste Connections will set it up for you and clean and pump it daily. Click here to reserve yours now.

Trash Service

The sanitation crew makes daily rounds throughout the Rally to make sure the campground is clean and litter free. Thank you for helping them to preserve the natural beauty of the Black Hills.

Free Pancake Breakfast

Every morning during the Rally, the Sons of Light Ministry provides our campers with a free pancake breakfast. They purchase their supplies through donations, volunteer their time and make considerable efforts, so we ask that you to continue to be considerate to them, thankful for their willingness to serve and generous toward their ministry.

Campground Trolly

Get a free round trip lift into the amphitheater on one of the Buffalo Chip Trollies. The Buffalo Chip Trolly makes trips from the campground to the amphitheater every day at 4 p.m. Guests entering from the West Gate can take advantage of this service daily at 6 p.m.

Da Bus Sturgis, SD Area Shuttle

Whether you’ve had a few drinks or you simply don’t want to drive, Da Bus can get you where you need to go. Da Bus makes frequent stops at the Buffalo Chip West Gate as well as may other locations throughout the Sturgis, SD area. For more details and pricing visit or call (605) 347-3287.

Chip Shipping

Take advantage of Chip Shipping and have your gear waiting for you when you arrive! Simply arrange with your local UPS to ship your gear and for a $15 fee, the Spearfish UPS Store will transport your package(s) to the Buffalo Chip. Here’s how to address your package(s):

Your Name @ The Buffalo Chip Campground
The UPS Store
810 N. Main
Spearfish, SD 57783

Note: You must contact the UPS Store at (605) 717-8771 prior to shipping to make payment arrangements. Be sure to ship in a timely manner so that you don’t arrive before your gear does! You should plan to have your package(s) arrive by July 31st at the latest. Shipped items must be picked up between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the Buffalo Chip’s storage container.

When you are ready to leave the Chip, you can leave your things with us and the UPS Store will ship it back for you. You may package your items yourself or have them packaged for you. The UPS Store charges for packing your items for you will depend on the number and size of boxes and packing materials needed. This charge does not include the actual shipping costs. The Buffalo Chip will collect your credit card information at the time of drop off and the UPS Store will charge the appropriate packing and shipping fees.

For more information, contact The UPS Store at (605) 717-8771 or email

Bike Wash

Find beautiful women waiting to wash your bike at two locations: the free access CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip and at the West amphitheater gate.

Mechanic Services

Take advantage of wrenches, dyno testing and tire services at the free access CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip on the West end of the property.