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Take  from I-90, travel East onto Pleasant Valley Rd. (0.8 miles)

Turn North onto Fort Meade Way. Travel to the Buffalo Chip. (4.8 miles)
If you are coming for the concerts and don’t intend to camp turn east onto 207th (1 mile), then left onto 132nd to the concert parking lot.

Just in case you aren’t comfortable riding on gravel, we’ve mapped some alternative routes.


To Approach Via Sturgis,

Take Exit 32. Turn east/northeast toward Sturgis and proceed approx. 1 mile. Turn Right (East) onto Lazelle St. Travel 3 miles East to the Buffalo Chip.


Take Exit 30. Travel East until you arrive at the Chip. (approx. 4 miles)




If you intend to camp overnight, enter through the West Entrance.   


If you are only coming out for one night, you are going to want to park at the Free Parking area across from the East Entrance. To avoid traffic congestion, take Ft. Meade Way by way of Exit 37 on I-90. Turn right onto 207th (1 mile), then left onto 132nd to the concert parking lot.

The East Box Office is located next to the East entrance if you need to purchase passes or wristbands.


You are required to wear a wristband or have a printed pass on you at all times while inside the venue. Wristbands must be worn on the right wrist (throttle hand).

*In the event your wristband shows signs of breaking, you must bring the damaged band BEFORE IT BREAKS OFF to either box office for immediate replacement.


RV Camping

All four-wheeled traffic MUST ENTER the campground BEFORE 7:30 p.m. Go to the gate indicated in your reservation instructions. Follow the instructions from traffic attendants to ensure you enter and settle in as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In the event that there is a line to pick up your passes, grab a round of beers while you’re at it.  You’re on vacation.


Pulling a trailer with toys in it behind you? You will need to PURCHASE and pick up A TRAILER PASS if you didn’t reserve one with your RV and camping reservations.

INSIDER TIP:  There is a dump station on Main Street before entering the West Gate. You can dump your tanks for free, before you enter the grounds and setup camp. Once parked, you’ll want to schedule a pump with the Pump Service Vendor for a fee. Missed your chance out front? Tell the parking attendant and they will help you out.

For the safety of all, and in compliance with state, Federal and local laws, the following items are prohibited from entry into the venue:

  • Firearms  
  • Fireworks or other explosives
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Pets
  • Drones
  • Full list of here

All vehicles entering the campground will be subject to search. You may check firearms and alcoholic beverages at the entrance and pick them up on your departure. Once you are through the main gate, parking attendants will escort you to your camping area/site.  

Tent Camping

Vehicle Camping Pass: 
All four-wheeled vehicles entering the campground must have a camping pass clearly displayed on their dash. These are obtained at the ticket office upon check-in.

Ride-in/Walk-in Camping:
The Buffalo Chip offers designated areas for tents which are ride-in/walk-in only. Check out the campground map in the center of this booklet to locate these spots and reap the rewards of traveling light to Sturgis.

Toilet Town:
If you reserved a private portalet, we have a designated spot awaiting you. Check in at the West Box Office and then proceed to the Cabin Management Office just inside the West Gate on the right. You will be escorted to your site.

Free Parking:
There are free parking areas located east of 132nd Ave near the East Entrance. See the campground map in the center of this booklet.

Arriving for Concerts

If you’re coming out to catch one of our world-class performances in the amphitheater and don’t intend to camp, proceed east to 132nd Ave and follow traffic flaggers to free parking.

Parking attendants will direct you to free parking. Be sure to arrive in the afternoon in time to catch all of the shows.

See the campground map.

Single Entry Passes
If you bought passes online at and have a paper ticket, present this as your pass upon entry at the East Entrance to the amphitheater. This pass is not valid for re-entry. PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to come and go, you need to stop at the East Box Office and exchange your paper pass for a wristband BEFORE your initial entry.

INSIDER TIP:  The entertainment on the main stage finishes up about midnight, but the fun continues until 1:45 a.m. on the Showcase Stages. If you’d rather catch a good band, DJ or funny comedian instead of immediately getting into traffic, hang with us for a while as the parking lot clears. Better yet, just stay the night. See map for stage locations.


Discover the magnificent Field of Flags, the world’s largest V-Twin engine sculpture, the world’s largest bronze buffalo skull sculpture, thunderous bike shows, acres of paved vendor shopping, a packed schedule of free entertainment, live music, crazy contests and a variety of fun and interactive displays from motorcycle industry leaders at the CrossRoads. Park for free and experience all the CrossRoads has to offer!

For more info, jump to CrossRoads section.


Nowhere else in the world can you find nitrous-fueled dragsters at 100+ MPH and flat track racing in the middle of a concert amphitheater. AMA American Flat Track Buffalo Chip TT Races, Hooligan Flat Track Races, Street Drag Invitationals, Sportster Showdown, music and so much more. Raw adrenaline. Dig it!

For more info on MotoStampede, visit or jump to the MotoStampede section


Finding Your Campsite

RV Camping 
A parking attendant WILL ESCORT YOU to your assigned space. Everything must be set up within the boundaries of your site.

INSIDER TIP:    Dump your RV before you settle into your campsite. If you didn’t get a chance to dump it before you entered the West Gate then let your parking attendant know so they can help you prior to arriving at your site. Once your RV is parked it will be extremely inconvenient to move it until departure.

EZ Camp
Check in at the West Box Office to receive your campground passes and a campground attendant will escort you to your camp area.

Check in at the West Box Office for your cabin then pick up your keys at the cabin management office (just inside the West Gate to the right). You will be escorted to your cabin.
Tent Camping 
Certain areas are available for ride-in/walk-in tent camping only. While you can drive into other areas of the campground with your car to camp, you may only ride your motorcycle or walk into the ride in only camping areas. If you have a car and want to camp in the tent-only camping areas, setup your campsite and then park your car in the free parking area.

INSIDER TIP:   Water faucets in tent camping areas are to serve all Buffalo Chip campers. Garden hoses may not be connected to any faucet to serve any specific campsite. Refer to the map if you’re having trouble locating potable water access.


TThe Buffalo Chip is a full-service campground and entertainment venue offering an assortment of amenities and services to make your stay the best one possible. See the map to locate the following services

General Store   

Located inside the amphitheater, the General Store is open 24 hours and offers a variety of products for campers. From condoms to toothpaste, this is where you go when you realize you’ve forgotten something small at home.

The Camp Store

Sometimes you don’t always bring all the supplies you need to stay dry and comfortable while camping. Head over to the Camp Store to pick up tarps, stakes, fuels or anything else that will make your camping experience easier.

Carry-Out Beer 

While it is against the law to bring alcohol through the gates, we’ll make sure you don’t go thirsty once you’re inside. Visit either of the two Beer and Ice shacks to pick up everything you need to enjoy some quality time at your campsite.

Laundry Facilities 

The Chip offers two options for dealing with your dirty laundry:

Coin Operated - Take advantage of our coin operated self-serve laundry rooms if you want to throw in a few loads and fold them yourself.


Drop Off & Pick Up Service - If you want someone else to take care of your laundry for you, drop your laundry off at the Laundry Vendor and they will bring your unmentionables back to you cleaned, pressed and ready to shed at a

RV Pump and Dump  

If you are planning to stay with us for a few days, then chances are at some point you’ll need to dump your RV tanks. Visit or call sanitation services and they’ll get your poop in a group. Pump out may be purchase in advance as well.

Check out more information about RV Pump & Dumps here.

Free Showers

There are few different options to keep yourself clean while partying at the Chip. There are two shower houses that are free for all guests at any time on a first-come, first-served basis.

Vendor Showers

For a more private shower experience you can visit the Vendor Showers. For a small fee, you can expect shorter lines and more modern facilities.


The Buffalo Chip Chamber of Commerce & Information Center is open daily at the CrossRoads to provide you with information about the campground, entertainment, or sightseeing. Feel free to stop by and say hello to our concierge and enter to win The Ride of Your Life.  While you’re at it, pick up a free prize courtesy of the Sturgis Rider Friendly Establishment® program.


Stay Connected with #RallyWifi4U Services. It’s easy and cheap to take advantage of this venue wide WiFi Service. Find more information on how to get connected here.

Phone Charging  


Traffic Policy

All 4 wheel vehicles MUST ENTER the campground BEFORE 7:30 p.m. and must stay on roadways when traveling. They must remain parked from 7:30 p.m. until dawn. The campground is a busy place, and safety is of the highest priority. Motorized traffic after 7:30 p.m. within the campground is restricted to motorcycles, trikes, and small recreational vehicles. Authorized service and emergency vehicles are the sole exceptions. Failure to comply could result in having your vehicle permanently removed from the campground.

Alcohol and Drugs


No adult is allowed to provide alcohol to anyone under 21. Violators will be removed from the campground without refund and are subject to arrest. Fake IDs will be seized and violators will be reported for prosecution. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The Buffalo Chip® will pay a $20 reward to anyone who reports and/or helps security capture a violating minor or someone supplying alcohol to a minor.

South Dakota state law prohibits the consumption of alcohol on any licensed premises other than upon the licensed premises where the alcohol was purchased. In other words, it’s illegal to enter the Chip with alcohol or drink alcohol at the Chip if it was not purchased here.

Drugs are illegal and are not allowed on the Buffalo Chip premises, unless you have a valid prescription.

PLEASE NOTE: MARIJUANA prescriptions are not valid in South Dakota and possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal. Violators must be reported to law enforcement.

Fire and Fireworks

Pursuant to Meade County Ordinance #27, it is illegal for any person to ignite any fireworks or to have an open fire. To be able to grill for cooking, be sure your equipment falls into one of these two categories:

1) liquid-fueled grill, meaning a metal or stone device designed to cook food using liquefied or gaseous combustible fuel; or

2) a charcoal grill, meaning a metal or stone device within a firebox not resting on the ground with a metal grate designed to cook food using charcoal briquettes, char wood, or similar fuel

Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are not allowed or sold inside the campground.


The Chip is a lot of fun, but outside the family-friendly flat track events, it really isn’t a place for children. We ask that you not bring under-aged children when you visit. A legal waiver signed by the parent is required for any child camping at the Chip, and they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


For the safety of pets and in consideration of other campers, you’ll need to make arrangements for your pets to stay home or board them locally while you’re at the Chip. We can’t make exceptions, even if your pet knows how to fetch you a beer, but we would be happy to recommend a few good kennels.


The weather can change quickly and with little notice. Please be prepared if you are camping and bring tarps, plastic sheeting or whatever you need to remain comfortable during a summer rainstorm. Inclement weather may cause a temporary delay or even a cancellation of some or all entertainment.

No refunds will be issued due to delays, non-performance or cancellations due to weather or any other reason.

Emergency Procedures

Report any problems to security personnel immediately. They will do their best to resolve campground issues as soon as possible. Problems will be addressed in the order in which they are reported.

CALL DISPATCH AT 605-720-8857


If you have a medical emergency or need immediate help alert security or visit one of these locations as quickly as possible.


Bikini Beach Stage

Head to Bikini Beach to cool off on a hot summer day or heat things up late at night. Join us every afternoon for our Bikini Beach Party and cut loose with cold beer and crazy contests. For a relaxing time, grab a towel, stretch out on the swim deck and soak up some sun.

Live Music

Crazy Contests

Hoyt Axton Stage

Venture into the South 40 and you’ll find the Patriot Pavilion, home to the Hoyt Axton Stage. During the day, this is a chill spot with carry-out beer, fun yard games and great tunes. At midnight it turns into a madhouse with live music and after-hours entertainment. We’ll let you discover the infamous “Midnight Ride” for yourself. 

Midnight Ride


Live Music

Kinison Stage

The Kinison Playground, located on the west end of the amphitheater, is the place for great music, smokin’ hot fire dancers and off-the-wall entertainment starting in the late afternoon. The Flaunt Girls will provide aerial bartending and unique entertainment while live music keeps the dance floor going.


Live Music

Comedy Club Stage

For a good laugh in a cool restaurant and bar, check out the Buffalo Chip SpeakEasy and Comedy Club. This air-conditioned bar is a quiet and relaxing place to grab steaks, wine, and premium cocktails with side-splitting stand-up comedy.



Air Conditioning

Club Chip

Get your dance on with two DJs spinning all night long and a variety of ice cold microbrews and imports on tap. You can hang out and enjoy the go-go dancers or get on the dance floor and groove into the wee hours of the morning.

Microbrew Taps

Go-Go Dancers

Roadhouse Stage

The party in the amphitheater never stops thanks to the Roadhouse Stage. Between the Roadhouse Party Deck and the steel bridge you’ll find some stellar showcase bands gettin’ down during the main stage set breaks. The area has spectacular views of the amphitheater, so you may just decide to park it here for the night!


Stag Lodge

Live Music

Hooligan Flat Track Races
This is a throwback to the days when young men lightened and tweaked their street machines into dirt track racers. Racing was done at local tracks and vacant lots where friends could gather to cheer on their buddies, race whatever bike they owned, then ride that bike home. A crazy crew of unruly racers will take over the Buffalo Chip® amphitheater with a series of Hooligan events, a during Roland Sands Design’s Super Hooligan Showdown Presented by Indian Motorcycle®. And when they do, you’ll want to be sure you’re not left in the dust.

Street Drag Invitationals
In less time than it’ll take you to read this page, one of the races during the Buffalo Chip Street Drag Invitational with Crazy John will have already flown by your eyes. The sights, sounds and smells of these world-class hot-rod motorcycles whizzing by at speeds of up to 120 mph will raise the hair on the back of your neck and have you yelling for more!

Sportster Showdown
Join Biltwell, Led Sled, Chop Cult, Street Chopper, S&S Cycle and Rusty Butcher as they honor retro rides, adrenaline junkies and those who love the extraordinary during the Sportster Showdown at the CrossRoads. In a sea of big-wheeled baggers adorned with all the bells and whistles, the classic customs on display in this ride-in bike show might stick out like a sore thumb, but rest assured, it’ll be for all the right reasons! Don’t miss the after-party with Mothership on Tuesday at Bikini Beach.

Get Ready to Rock! 
Once the race day is over, a night of rockin’ tunes will commence. Start the night off with Low Volts, then one of the greatest rockabilly bands of all time takes the stage, The Reverend Horton Heat. With the party in full swing, Five Finger Death Punch will take control of the stage to melt faces and get engines revving. Finish the evening off with the Red Bull After Party at Club Chip.

Schedule of Events


Time TBD                  AMA PRO American Flat Track Buffalo Chip TT Races
Time TBD                  Headlining Main Stage Performance – TBD


Sportster Showdown
Midnight                     Sportster Showdown After Party


Time TBD.                 Street Drag Invitational with Crazy John
Time TBD                  Hooligan Races
Time TBD                  Headlining Main Stage Performance – TBD


Bikes park for free on the blacktop in front of the V-Twin statue. Turn into the CrossRoads from Fort Meade Way and follow the parking attendants’ instructions to get your bike parked.

The CrossRoads offers free parking for your four-wheeled vehicle as well. Follow the signs and directions of the parking attendants.

Information Booth

Visit the Buffalo Chip Chamber of Commerce for all the information you need about events happening at the Buffalo Chip, as well as information on sites and attractions around the Black Hills. Make sure to check in here if you’ve visited one of our Sturgis Rider Friendly Establishments® on your trip in. Enter to win the Ride of Your Life while you’re there.

Shopping & Bike Work

This is the place you come to get check out the latest parts and accessories for your bike, get them installed, and even dyno your ride to see your improvement in performance.

You’ll also find leathers, custom jewelry, art, and high-end fashion wear.

Food & Beverage

Hang out in the shade and enjoy a cold beer or a hot lunch. Check out the upper deck to get a great view of Bear Butte and over the whole CrossRoads.

Big Engine Bar

This full-service bar is near the CrossRoads Stage, which hosts free concerts throughout the festival. You can find daily drink specials exclusive to the CrossRoads as well as a shaded place to sit and rest after a day of riding the Hills.

While you’re here, check out a performance on the CrossRoads Stage from one of our showcase entertainers or witness some of the stage’s unique events like the Sassy and Classy (Over 35) Beauty Pageant and annual Fan Fest, cherry pie eating contest and beer belly contest.

Daily Bike Stunts

Seattle Cossacks
For more than 75 years the Seattle Cossacks have been astounding crowds with their amazing motorcycle stunts, and they are back at the CrossRoads in 2016. Named after the Russian Cossacks who were masterful horsemen, the Seattle Cossacks have translated the reference to “iron horses.” They climb, one atop the other, in impossible pyramids and rolling tangles, all while riding vintage Harleys from the 1930s and 1940s. Performances are three times a day from Tues-Thurs.

Clint Ewing
Sportbike freestyle stunt rider Clint Ewing and his pals will be shifting and drifting at the CrossRoads. You may remember Clint went for one hot motorcycle ride at the Chip in 2013 when he attempted to break the record for the longest ride through a tunnel of fire. This year he returns to amaze with stunt riding that will make your jaw drop.

Armed Forces Memorials

Freedom Field
What started as a way to honor the fallen heroes of the Iraq War has evolved into a touching tribute to all our brave men and women in uniform. A quiet walk through this field helps you remember what really matters and is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Vietnam Memorial Wall
Standing proudly behind the Battlefield Cross Sculpture and Field of Flags is the AVTT Veterans Memorial Wall. Each year the Patriot Guard Riders assist in the construction of this patriotic display so you can see the names and pay your respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice while defending our freedom.



Vehicles in the Amphitheater

Pedestrians, motorcycles, trikes and vehicles designed to assist those with physical limitations will be allowed limited access inside the amphitheater.  Exceptions are made for delivery and emergency vehicles only.  The amphitheater may be restricted to pedestrian access at any time.

Respectful Concert Attendance

  1. There will be times when bikes aren’t allowed in the amphitheater.
  2. There will be times when a limited number of bikes are allowed in the amphitheater.
  3. It is a Buffalo Chip tradition for members of the audience to rev their engines as part of the applause. This privilege may change at any time. Out of respect for your fellow concert goers, please keep off your throttle until the song or concert has concluded. Come on.

Revving engines during the performance of a song is discourteous to the rest of the audience who is there to see and hear the performance, not to mention the performers who are there to entertain the crowd.  Anyone revving an engine during performance of a song must either surrender their keys until after the performance or leave the amphitheater.

VIP Upgrade

Get as close to the performance as possible with our VIP packages. Grab a seat in our on-stage VIP seating or choose pit access and be right in front of the stage. All VIP passes come with five complimentary beverages and the possibility of a meet and greet with that night’s artists. Find more info here


The party and good times continue well after the main stage shuts down. Check the Daily Schedule and find a place to live your night to the fullest.

Sound Levels

The Buffalo Chip motorcycle and music festival is The Best Party Anywhere®. Amplified music ends by 1:45 a.m. every night. For the quietest camping, we recommend camping away from the stages and around the perimeter of the campground.

Drinking and Driving

This should go without saying, but it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle or even ride a horse while intoxicated. It is just as illegal to do it in the campground as it is on the highway. If you are found to be a danger to yourself or others, security will remove keys from any vehicle thought to be operating in a dangerous or reckless manner. No argument, please. The keys can be retrieved the following day.

The Midnight Ride

Like we said, this is for you to discover on your own.

Last Call

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip is legally licensed to sell alcohol in the State of South Dakota. It is important that license be preserved in order to continue hosting The Best Party Anywhere!

Alcoholic beverages will not be sold after 1:45 a.m.

Have Fun!

The Buffalo Chip is famous for providing The Best Party Anywhere! Cut loose, have fun and enjoy your vacation... Have the time of your life!


The Buffalo Chip offers a variety of signature events that provide a memorable experience as well as the opportunity to help contribute to meaningful charities in a positive way. Whatever your interests, we have an event for you. A limited number of tickets are available for each special event and may be reserved at

Motorcycle as Art
This awe-inspiring exhibit, curated by world-famous photographer Michael Lichter, features a mix of motorcycle inspired photography and one-off bikes assembled especially for this once in a lifetime event. Each year it brings a different theme and a walk through this exhibit will immerse you in some of the world’s most unique usable industrial art.

Learn more at

The Legends Ride®
The Legends Ride kicks off the rally with a scenic ride around the beautiful Black Hills alongside the biggest names in music, movies and motorcycling, as well as hundreds of fellow riders. Don’t miss this premiere charity event with celebrities and industry professionals.

Learn more at


Freedom Celebration
The Buffalo Chip’s Freedom Celebration honors America’s veterans. Hear from inspiring & enlightening special guests and help honor the past and present members of our military during the annual Freedom Celebration.

Learn more at


Check out what’s cutting edge in the custom builder world at bike shows hosted daily at the CrossRoads. Sponsored by some of the biggest names in motorcycling and covered by multiple televisions programs, these bike shows are the hottest builder competitions in Sturgis and showcase the newest designs and products in aftermarket customization.

Full Throttle Magazine Bike Show – SAT-SUN
Ride into two days of Full Throttle Magazine Bike Shows at the Buffalo Chip CrossRoads, and you could ride home a winner! Full Throttle Magazine’s two days of 10-class bike shows mean you get twice the bikes, twice the fun and twice the chances of winning!



Sportster Showdown Bike Show – TUESDAY
Honor the retro, the adrenaline junkies and those with an eye for the extraordinary at the Sportster Showdown presented by Biltwell, Led Sled, Street Chopper, S&S, Rusty Butcher and Chop Cult. Ride in to compete in classes including best chopper, tracker, vintage and café sportsters.




Easyriders Bike Show – WEDNESDAY
This event coincides with the David Mann Auction. Enter your bike in one of the hottest custom motorcycle shows in America and it could grace the pages of the iconic Easyriders Magazine if it wins! Hundreds of the country’s most eye-popping customs will enter for free for a chance at this top honor, plus trophies, cash, prizes


Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show  – THURSDAY
This one-day event is the granddaddy of all bike shows. The Rat’s Hole brings together an impressive crew of international judges and builders—one group vying for the titles, the other looking to find a bike with personality, function and a progressive sense of motorcycle culture. The show features 16 classes and awards nearly 60



If you haven’t ever spent time in South Dakota during the summer months, you may not expect the drastic and rapid changes in weather patterns you can experience here.

South Dakota Weather

Woody has always warned people that the wind is going to blow 100 MPH for 2 minutes and it is likely to rain 2 inches, possibly within the same 2 minutes. You need to ready for those two minutes or it will screw up the rest of your vacation.

These tips will help you be better prepared for Mother Nature.

  1. Pack a full set of rain gear. When you’re out riding, keep an eye on the radar and look out for possible cover in the event of hail or heavy rains.
  2. Prepare your camp for the possibility of rain and high winds before leaving it for the day. Secure items that could easily blow away, and put personal items under cover.
  3. If you are tent camping bring a tarp and extra stakes to put over your tent to keep valuables dry. Consider collapsing it if winds are projected to get high.
  4. Pay attention to the sky. Ugly looking clouds could mean large hail that could be extremely dangerous.


Make the Most of Your Vacation at The Buffalo Chip

  1. The earlier you book, the cheaper it is. Plain and simple. Many guests book for the following year as soon as the rally is over. Special prices end incrementally throughout the year as bands are confirmed, so don’t hesitate when you decide you’re going to make the trip.
  2. Meal Plans-The Stage West Cafe offers meal plans tailored to your needs. You can save a lot of cash by buying a plan before you come. You can purchase these packages in advance at We recommend you leave room for one day to check out some of our delicious food vendors though.
  3. Drink specials – There are many of them. Search them out at Woody’s Watering Hole, CrossRoads, The Rat’s Hole, The Micro Brew, Bikini Beach and don’t forget the Jag Bomb special is everywhere. There’s no excuse for not throwing back a cool one at unheard of prices. 
  4. The General Store in the amphitheater can provide you with pretty much anything you need. So skip the hassle and the wasted hours of going into town and just head down to the General Store.
  5. Free pancake breakfast – Get them fresh off the griddle every morning at the Sons of Light tent at The CrossRoads.

Sturgis Rider Friendly Businesses

The FREE Sturgis Rider Friendly Establishments Mobile App will help you:

Map Your Route
Find Rider Friendly Establishments Near You
Save Money
Earn Free Stuff

Then, pick up free swag and sign up to win the Sturgis Rider Sweepstakes “Ride of Your Life” at the Buffalo Chip Chamber of Commerce Rally Information Center located at the CrossRoads once you get here. One lucky winner will receive a motorcycle adventure for EagleRider.


Sign up for our email newsletter to get all the news and updates about what’s going on at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®. Follow us on social media for even more great content.




Treats ‘N’ Eats
Pie for the People, Santa Lucia Big Bite Buffet, and Old Skool Concessions
can be located outside the bar in the covered buildings.

Techanical Services
Whether you need a tune up or trick out, you’ll find what you need here at CrossRoads. 55 Cycles Mechanical Services, Harmonius Dyno, Just Cuz Chrome Superstore, Extreme Audio, UniQ Cycle Sounds, AMSOIL, and Metzeler will trick your rides!

Bike Displays
Searching for inspiration to make your bike cooler? We’ve got custom bike displays to help. Check out LED Sled, Rat’s Hole, Royal-T Racing, and more.

Looking for that special something? Check out any of these awesome vendors: Merlin’s Hideout, Hunter Detail, Artwork by David Uhl, Fringes to Fur, The World Nature Coalition, Big Boy Knives, Lord Red Cigars Defleece Designs, Sacred Empire, and more.

Find your 2017 Buffalo Chip souvenir at 1 of the 4 Hot Leather sites.
CrossRoads & Amphitheater


Treats ‘N’ Eats
We have the variety you’re stomach is growling for! Sturgis Rider Café Dominos, Porky’s, Santa Lucia, Taco Chip, Stage West Café, Chan’s Concessions, and more are found in the amphitheater!

INSIDER TIP:  Craving some late night pizza? Dominos delivers!

From jewelry to cigars, one of our vendors has that interesting item you can’t live without! Merchandise vendors are located along the back hill and on the sides of the stage. A handful of vendors include Nan’s Unique Jewerly, Kactus Jacks, Jennifer’s Web, Reich Precision Custom Knives, Bradz Bladz, Total Flame Cigar, Gwen’s Leather Repair, and you can watch the vendors create their products!

We can’t forget about that band merchandise! These  buildings can be found under the steel bridge and on the East side of the main stage.

General Store
Forget to bring a toothbrush or need a folding chair? Your friends at the General Store can help you out! They are conveniently found in the north food court in the large building.

INSIDER TIP: An ATM can be found outside the General Store and near the CrossRoads Bar.

Bikini Beach

Treats ‘N’ Eats
After a hot day of swimming and soaking in the sun at  Bikini Beach, you’re going to be hungry... Luckily we have food for you right nearby! Honey Acre Farms sell fresh fruit along Main Street and you can find Pie for the People, Santa Lucia, and Sidekick Concessions around the Beach.



I Saw/Participated in these Kinison Playground Activities

            □ Pickle Lickin’ Contest

            □ The Flaunt Girls’ Performance

            □ Took a shot from an aerial bartender

I Saw/Participated in these Bikini Beach Activities

            □ Homemade Bikini Contest

            □ Beers & Burps Contest

            □ Frozen T-shirt Contest

            □ Swung on the rope swing

            □ Air Sex Championship

I Saw/Participated in these CrossRoads Activities

            □ The Sassy & Classy Over 35 Model Contest

            □ Fan Fest

            □ Cherry Pie Eating Contest

            □ Fake Orgasm Contest

            □ Best Beard Contest         

            □ Stud Contest

            □ The Rat’s Hole Bike Show

            □ Watched the Rhythm Rockers performance

            □ I got my bike washed by the Bikini Girls

            □ I visited the Rally Information Center/Buffalo Chip

               Chamber of Commerce

            □ I signed up to win the Sturgis Rider® Sweepstakes

I Saw/Participated in these Club Chip Activities

            □ Danced my ass off at all the After Parties

            □ Got a picture taken with a Go-Go Dancer

            □ Got me a Micro Brew

I Saw/Participated in these Club Chip Activities

            □ Danced my ass off at all the After Parties

            □ Got a picture taken with a Go-Go Dancer

            □ Got me a Micro Brew

I did this in the Amphitheater

            □ Bowled a midget

            □ Rode the Zip Line

            □ Got my picture taken with Miss Chippie

            □ Saw a comedian at the Comedy Club

            □ Joined the 10:15 p.m. Main Stage Toast

I caught a show at ...

            □ CrossRoads

            □ Bikini Beach

            □ Kinison Playground

            □ Hoyt Axton Stage

            □ Roadhouse Stage

I was Part of the Best Party Anywhere!

            □ I discovered the Midnight Ride

            □ Got $1 hot dogs & drafts during 240 Happy Minutes

            □ My favorite Showcase band is _______________________

            □ I took a Jäger Bomb

            □ I tried The Big Woody

            □ I ate something I’ve never tried before: ________________

            □ I picked up a Rat’s Hole mug

            □ I participated in a burnout on Burnout Bridge

            □ I got my picture taken with Miss Buffalo Chip

            □ I got a patch sewn on my leathers

            □ I got a tattoo

            □ I visited the Motorcycles As Art™ exhibit

            □ I went on a Buffalo Chip signature ride

            □ I got a Fan VIP pass to see _________________________

Contact Information

Buffalo Chip Box Office               605-347-9000
Jack’s Campers                         605-996-3269
Waste Connections                    605-593-3280
Buffalo Chip Security Dispatch    605-720-8857

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