The Sturgis Rally Guide

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You marked it on your calendar. So what else do you need to know about the 2015 Sturgis Rally?
Why take off a week of work...
Spend the money to travel, party and stay in Sturgis...
Without knowing all you can about the 2015 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally?

Do you know?

  • The three Sturgis Rally Zones and what events go on inside of each.
  • The shortcuts in and around Sturgis...don't get caught in stop and go traffic
  • The most popular bars in Sturgis for meeting friends, partying, girls, and food
  • How to ship extra gear to yourself in Sturgis.
  • The safest way to travel between the Sturgis Rally Zones when you have been drinking.
  • What to pack and what not to pack for the Rally.
  • How to prepare for the Rally weather.
  • Exclusive interviews with Sturgis campground owners on what not to forget if you are camping during the Rally.
  • The questions you need to ask before deciding on a place to stay... plus more!
Then and now...

Here's the deal...

Sturgis is getting bigger and bigger...more bikers, more vendors, more events.  Once upon a time the Rally existed primarily inside the town of Sturgis.  Maybe you remember that...
City Park was open to camping and that's where everyone stayed.  The events were spaced out. You could go to the races one day, Big Daddy Rat's custom bike show the next, and then hang-out downtown at Gunner's on the third night. Today it's different...a lot different. When the town of Sturgis closed City Park, campgrounds started springing up outside of Sturgis. The Rally attendance went from tens of thousands of people to hundreds of thousands of people and the Rally has never been the same since. On any given day there are all kinds of events going on at's not only in Sturgis but throughout the Black Hills.  For example Hulett, WY has the free Hulett Ham 'n' Jam on Wednesday and Custer, SD has the Custer Cruisin' Rally week. So how do you fit it all in? How do you hit everything you want to in Sturgis? 

That's why we created The Sturgis Rally Guide Book. We know that people come to Sturgis for different reasons. Some come for the rides, scenery and fellowship. Others of you come to...well... see lots of  girls and hot bikes. Right...  If you came for the girls and ended up staying at Sheridan Campground you would be disappointed. The same goes for the events. There are three distinct zones to the Sturgis Rally. Each zone has it own unique events and entertainment. For example if you want a great bar to meet friends at you'll be in a different zone than if you want to see drag racing or dancing girls.
So what are you going to do in Sturgis? What are your plans?

You will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in food, travel, entertainment, and places to stay during the 2015 Sturgis Rally.  Take a moment and look at the following list to see if you know all you can know about this year's Rally. With a little help from us you can have your best Rally ever.

Here's more...
  • Top events in each of the Sturgis Rally Zones for the 2015 Sturgis Rally.
  • Little known alternate routes to the Buffalo Chip.
  • The most dangerous curve in the Black Hills for bikers  (It's just outside of Sturgis).
  • The top three ways to protect your bike from being stolen.
  • The handlebar, helmet and drinking the laws on drugs, noise and exposure.
  • Information on tent camping, and rooms and homes for rent in the Sturgis area.
  • Biker profiles on the best and worst of are some examples.
  • Over 165 pages of information (unbiased, ad free information).
  • Written by a Sturgis native with input from Sturgis locals and bikers around the country.
  • Exclusive interview with the Sturgis Police Chief.
  • Exclusive interviews with Sturgis locals.
  • The ultimate Sturgis Camping Check List  (200+ item list).
  • Which offenses require a court appearance?
  • Information on personal safety and the police presence during the Rally.
  • Comprehensive list of museums in Sturgis and the surrounding area.
Want to know more?
You could spend hours searching the internet and you still won't find all of the information contained within this guide...not even close.

Check out the featured content found inside the guide:
  • Favorite rides in the Black Hills...including detailed maps and written directions that include attractions, food, and even gas stops along the way.
  • What you need to know about Rapid City Regional Airport if you fly to Sturgis.
  • A complete list of motorcycle and car rentals services during the Rally.
  • Favorite places to visit in the Black Hills including little known areas.
  • Live website links that will take you to the websites of events and places featured.
  • Easy to read, save, print, and take with you.

There's even more...

  • How to find out the latest, races, hill climbs, rides and bike shows while in Sturgis.
  • Locals' favorite restaurants in Sturgis and the Black Hills.
  • A little known favorite Sturgis don't even have to get off your bike.
  • What other bikers know now that they wish they had known about Sturgis all along.

Check out a few sample pages from the book.

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Easy to print out and take with you to can print out the entire book or just the maps and sections you need.
You will get the price of this book back over and over in the money and time you save by planning your trip using this book.

Think about will spend hundreds maybe thousands of dollars in food, travel and entertainment...doesn't an investment of around twenty dollars make sense for ensuring this is your best trip yet
do not waste time trying to plan your trip...get the book now and make it easy

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