Spotlight: Women of The Wild Gypsy Tour  

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017
  • by Giselle Levy

The rumblings have been present for some time now: there is a pack of wild women making their way to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip to celebrate their own rendition of the rally that’s become the Mecca of motorcycling over its 77 years.

The Wild Gypsy Tour, the first festival of its kind in Sturgis, will assemble the free spirits of the women’s moto community to share in one common goal: to create the most-unique all-women’s experience that attendees will have ever seen.

Because these gypsies live their days for the road, this event wouldn’t be complete without caravans of thrilled ramblers converging from all over the country. There are three parties that have formed thus far, and the women who are leading the packs are as unique as the areas from which they hail.

The West Coast Ambassador
Kelly Yazdi of Long Beach, CA

Kelly is pulling double duty; not only is she leading a ride from CA to SD, but she is one of the two masterminds behind the creation of this all-women’s motorcycle festival. Kelly is no stranger to adventure, and rides all kinds of bikes, but the baby she rips around on the regular is her BMW R9T Pure.

She inherited her love of motorcycles from her father and has been chasing the dream of riding on her own since age 8. She has since absorbed all she can, including becoming a member of the women’s motorcycle groups The Iron Lilies as well as The Litas.

“I think what appeals to me most about riding is the sense of freedom and flight that it gives me, and the way I feel so alive when I'm cruising in the saddle. There really is nothing like it.”
          - Kelly

She is most excited to lead what she knows will be a “legendary ride” to a monumental experience at The Wild Gypsy Tour.  You can find her on Instagram @KellyYazdi.

The Midwest Ambassador
Liz Wick: Hartford, WI

Liz’s tenacity and adventurous spirit make her perfect to lead the ride from Wisconsin to Sturgis. Her bike of choice is a 2010 Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883.

“I started riding fourteen years ago, because I had become sick of being a passenger. I wanted my hands to be on the throttle. (That, and an ex-boyfriend told me I would never do it.)  Within 5 hours of him uttering those words, I was signed up to take the riding course, and it changed my life forever. (Never tell a woman she can’t do something, especially me.)”
          - Liz

Liz is no stranger to Sturgis and The Chip; she’s been there many times before. What she’s most excited for this time around is the opportunity to connect with women of the same mindset and create a new kind of Sturgis memory.

The Southern Ambassador
Kayla Williams: Berea, KY

“I can’t get enough of how much accomplishment and satisfaction I get when I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone. I have learned more about myself while riding then I ever have. It fuels me to continue to strive for the next challenge, whether that be on my bike or not. I also love how I can encourage other women just by riding and overcoming my own opportunities. Female riders are a bit of an anomaly in central Kentucky, so the more I can inspire other women to ride, the better!”
          - Kayla

Kayla will be leading a ride from Kentucky to The Wild Gypsy Tour and hopes to have a group of awesome ladies behind her. She feels this pilgrimage to the festival is the next big step in her growth as a rider.

With women like these making their way into Sturgis, the product is sure to be something historic. During what will undeniably be one of The Chip’s most notable years to date, The Wild Gypsy Tour plans to make their mark.

To join in on one of these rad rides to the first ever all-women’s motorcycle festival at the Buffalo Chip, or to get more information, visit or follow @thewildgypsytour on Instagram.

About The Wild Gypsy Tour

The Wild Gypsy Tour is making history by hosting the first ever all-women's motorcycle festival and campout at the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip! This is an event for the unbridled spirit, the ones looking for a place to belong and live freely. It combines the freedom of the past with the untapped spirit of the future. Come take part in an original experience that unites women from all corners of the globe with the common desire to ride, live, learn, and have fun all at the Best Party Anywhere®.

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