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It took several years of talking to various RV and camper trailer companies before one was finally willing to take the gamble of renting new and nearly-new trailers to bikers at a motorcycle rally. It wasn't just that the financing banks were worried about the trailers' condition after the Rally, but it was also the amount of staffing, time and expense necessary to take hundreds of these trailers to the middle of nowhere (Sturgis, SD) for two weeks and then return them.

There was no doubt that many hard-core riders would appreciate a good night's sleep with their lady in a real bed after a private shower, and a full kitchen and living quarters where they could watch a little tv or listen to their lady's favorite music on the stereo. It has proven to have been well worth the years'-long effort.

2005 was the first year that the Chip actually found a partner willing and able to take the risk and commit the expense money to provide Chipsters the luxury of renting these great trailers. It has been a great success and has provided nothing but comfort to the renting Chipsters. These camper trailers provide all the conveniences like a stove, air conditioning, heater, microwave, great bed, kitchen , bathroom and more. It's no wonder the Chip has enjoyed more and more ladies in attendance these past several years. Yes!

The Chip is pleased to announce that the camper-trailer company (and its bank) is again making it possible for you to enjoy this comfort again in 2014. It's recommended that occupancy be limited to 4 adults. The Buffalo Chip's Convenience Store will be able to sell you things you may want or need and not bring along, but please inquire about having the trailer company also supply the bedding, towels and all dishes, eating and kitchen utensils. They have been so helpful and that may be more convenient for you.

So, feel free to move up to the comfort of these very nice campers, sleep in and be rested and smiling for that late-morning ride. It's your party.This is just another way to help you make the best of it. :)

Used RV Rental vs. Newer RV Rental
A newer RV will have one "slide-out" (possibly 2) allowing more square footage. Otherwise, very little difference.

RV Rental Includes -

Buffalo Chip RV Site reserved in the South Forty Camping Area
Usage Coincides with your admission pass dates.Water & Electricity provided
Water & Electricity provided
Two (2) Free Portable Dump Service

RV Rental Rates - See rates listed below. Keep in mind, there are a limited number of RV’s available to rent. Therefore, we suggest making your reservations as soon as possible.
To Reserve - All Buffalo Chip RV Rentals must be paid in full at the time of reservations. Considering a rally pass is your “admission” onto the campground, at least one (1) rally pass will be required to purchase when making reservations for RV camping site.
Forms of Payment - The Buffalo Chip accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and money orders. (personal/company checks not accepted)
Deposit - 90-120 days prior to arrival, a refundable $500 deposit will be required along with your arrival and departure schedule onto the campground. Any particular requests can be taken at that time. This deposit will be taken & refunded by the camper provider, NOT THE BUFFALO CHIP.
Non-Refundable -
(no exceptions)
All RV Rentals and rally passes are NON-REFUNDABLE from the time of purchase.
Phone Reservations - Reservations can be made by calling The Buffalo Chip Campground at 605-347-9000; 8am-5pm Mountain Time Mon-Thurs; 8am-1pm Mountain Time on Fridays; Winter hours 8:00am to 4:00pm Mountain time.  Closed on all major holidays.
Online Reservations - Reservations can be made through our website at or by clicking here.
Taxes/Processing Fee - SD State Sales Tax – 5 ½ % (+) plus 6 ½ % processing fee if making reservations by phone, or a 6 % processing fee if making reservations on our website.


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