Rat’s Hole Bar Offers Special Beer Prices during Sturgis Bike Week


Rat’s Hole Bar Features Big Mugs and Big Discounts throughout Sturgis Bike Week

I want to save money on my beer now!

If you’re headed to the Chip during Sturgis Bike Week, chances are you’ll buy these two things—beer and souvenirs. Pay a visit to the Rat’s Hole Bar and you can kill two birds with one stone without breaking the bank! The Rat’s Hole Bar’s limited edition collectors’ mugs are so big you’ll rarely be back in line for a refill. And when you do go back, you won’t miss any of the action because the bar’s just a few steps away from the legendary Wolfman Jack Main Stage!

For a limited time, you can pre-order a special collector mug that holds nearly three beers for just $10. When you pick up your mug during Sturgis Bike Week, your first fill is on us, and every refill after that is just $6. Do the math – that’s some serious savings! You will save money, and the specially insulated mug will keep your beer cold for a LONG time as you enjoy the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s concerts

Then when you go home, you can drink from the very same mug you drank out of during Sturgis Bike Week as you tell your buddies about the good times you had at The Best Party Anywhere®! 

You won’t find this special anywhere else at the rally, so take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the Authentic Sturgis Buffalo Chip Experience without shelling out big bucks for beer! The Chip’s online-only mug pre-sale won’t last long. So don’t wait and find yourself stuck in the beer line – order your mug now for just $10 before the deal ends! 

“Friendly and welcoming staff. Definitely a place to have a cold beer!” - Pross Brown

I want to save money on my beer now!