The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® has the Best Vendors Anywhere!


Ambrosia Jewelry
Ambrosia is a jewelry design studio, located in Sioux City, Iowa, specializing in custom design, one-of-a-kind wedding rings and redesigning old jewelry. Their unique and fashionable jewelry line makes a big statement while capturing everyone’s attention. Each design is handset with dazzling Druzy gems cut from the inner cavity of geodes mined in Brazil. Each gem is specially treated with Platinum, 18k Gold or Titanium to create a rainbow of metallic colors. These statement pieces sparkle more than diamonds and give the glitz and glam every woman loves.

Banditware has a patent pending on a face mask for the outdoor enthusiast whether it's motorcycles, ATVs, even just mowing the yard. This face mask has a memory strip that goes across your nose to keep the bandana from sliding down while riding or working, and also has Velcro for easy, quick closure. So no more knot headaches!!! There are three styles: winter, summer, and ATV style

Bikers Assistance Group

Bond Arms

Bradz Bladz

Buffalo Chip Tattoo Café
Looking to get some new ink at the 2015 Sturgis Rally? You can find any design you want without even leaving the Chip grounds at the Buffalo Chip’s Tattoo Café! Café director Shaun Kama is a veteran tattoo artist whose ornate ink patterns have found the skin of celebrities such as Rihanna, Janet Jackson and Jada Pinkett Smith. Kama has organized a tremendously talented crew of artists to do celebrity caliber work on you! 

Bullhead Eyewear

Caramel Creations

Equalizer Shirts

Family Thrift Laundry Service
The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has everything you need for your stay, including food, beverages, showers, and even laundry. One of the many great services offered at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip is pick up and drop off laundry offered by Family Thrift Laundry.

After a day of cruising the beautiful Black Hills or a night of rocking concerts at the Chip, you can simply drop off your bundle at Family Thrift Laundry on your way in or out of the campground. The very next day you can pick up your clean and neatly folded clothing from Family Thrift Laundry’s smiling staff.

So when you’re packing up for the Chip and your saddlebags start to fill up remember the great service of Family Thrift Laundry.

You can find Family Thrift Laundry by the water tower across from Clean-N-Shiny showers, next door to the Packaged Beer and Ice Shack.

Fort Grizzly Patches & Sewing
Preparing for another great Rally, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip is busy adding more unique vendors and bringing back friends like Grizzly’s Patches. Grizzly takes great pride in his work and helps us celebrate our country, our bikes and our freedom of expression by offering a variety of awesome patches and pins. Grizzly will even embroider your new patch while you wait.

2011 was Grizzly’s first year at the Chip, and he instantly became a Chip family favorite. Please check him out at and visit him at the Chip in 2014 on Vendor Row under the Budweiser Roadhouse Deck.


Gwen’s Leather Repair

Heir Art
Explore the mind of Tim Heir with his increasingly famous art only at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. Each piece is done with pristine hands and intricate brush strokes. Take home one of his pieces and have all your friends gasp at the astonishing beauty of the artwork.

Honey Acre Farms
This year we will feature Palisade Colorado Peaches and Sweet Cherries, ice cold personal size seedless watermelons sliced in half served up with a spoon or sold whole to take back to your camp. Also we will have the best sweet corn you've ever sunk your teeth into sold raw by the dozen or  roasted up and ready to eat. And if your walking by and need an ice cold bottle of water, I will have that available too.

Hot Leathers

Jack’s Campers
Travel in comfort and style to and from the Legendary Buffalo Chip or any other destination with your very own luxurious camper. Jack’s Campers offers a variety of different styles of camper to satisfy your specific outdoor needs. Don’t want to by a camper but still want to have a comfortable living space? Rent your very own camper at Jack’s Campers in Black Hills, SD.

Jennifer’s Web
Ladies, we know how important it is for you to shop and get all of the best buys on your vacation, which is why we are pleased to announce another great vendor, Jennifer’s Web, to our great line up of vendors.

Selling cool clothing, fabulous jewelry and other women’s accessories, Jennifer’s Web has a wide array of looks and styles, which is why you’re sure to find something you will absolutely love. Located near the Party Deck in the amphitheater, check out Jennifer’s Web and get all of the things you’ll need in order to rock in style at The Best Party Anywhere.

Jerky Central
If you like Beef Jerky or other Game Jerky, then you have come to right Place! This is the Best Jerky you will try. Period. I have something for everyone, from Old Fashioned Smoked, Sweet, or Teriyaki. Combine these with the many different Heats and there is nothing that you won't like......unless you happen to be vegetarian, but they may have friends who eat Beef or Game Jerky too!

Kactus Jacks Hats
Kactus Jack’s Hats will again be bringing their high-quality, Panama-style, woven hats to the Chip. They come in all shapes, styles and sizes, so there’s a hat for everyone!

Jack and Rhonda add so much fun to the party, and everyone looks great walking around in their hats. Be sure to visit them in the amphitheater.

La Chic Apparel
The Sturgis Rally isn’t all just about metal and chrome; here at the Chip we have plenty for women as well! Offering a wide selection of women’s apparel, La Chic is the perfect place to get that one cute outfit for a night on the town or, in this case, a night at the Chip! For a great deal and a sexy outfit, stop in and visit La Chic. La Chic will be located in the amphitheater.

Meltdown Day Spa

Nan’s Unique Jewelry

One Sexy Biker Chic

Reich Precision Custom Knives
If you know about custom hand forged knives, you will probably recognize that Ed Fowler and Murray Carter are both world renown. I've combined their knowledge through extensive training by each of them, but you will see that I have worked hard to create my own way of doing things, and my own style.

I'm dedicated to producing the finest hand forged, Differentially Heat Treated blades possible. My specialties are custom
Neck Knives and Hunting/Survival Knives, forged from NASA grade 52100 High Carbon steel.

Rico’s Energy Band
Improve the overall condition of your body with a wristband that is designed to increase blood circulation from Rico's Bio Energy. Our wristband reduces inflammation in your body, so it feels and acts better than ever.

Our product is a bright LED light on a stick with wings that imitates a rocket firework when shot up and into the wind with the rubber band launcher stick.

Then the second half of the surprise comes as the toy becomes a spinning copter coming down with the wind back to you to catch bare handed to launch up again!!

This sequence can be done over and over again for hours. Turn it off at the switch and bring it out tomorrow night too. Save the light for tonight and play it during the day. It's waterproof too, but does not float. It's amazing actually for how simple it is.

Stone Store Outfitters Beads

Strip Club Choppers
We are thrilled to welcome back Strip Club Choppers (SCC) for another great year at the Buffalo Chip. We are very excited to learn that (SCC) will be bringing along their newest franchisee, Georgia – South Carolina Strip Club Choppers to provide you with all the SCC merchandise you need for your motorcycling passion. Check out their entire operation that will leave you with a lasting impression as you make your way around the Best Party Anywhere™.

The Coffee Crib

The Memory Shack
The Memory Shack is proud to be a Pride of Dakota member that offers alphabet photography, several Pride of Dakota Products and scrapbooking services.

Tim’s Airbrush

Total Flame Cigars
It was a dream of Vladimir Roshchin and Maxim Privezentsev that became a reality. The owners of Total Flame Cigars met a few years ago at a cigar event in Moscow, Russia, and found they shared two common passions; cigars and motorcycles. Their ultimate dream was to develop a premium cigar that would be made of the finest tobacco the world had to offer.

They created the Total Flame Cigar -- the taste of premium tobacco and the taste of freedom. The taste of pure life is the smoke that cigar smokers roll around on the tongue that will ignite the fire in their souls.

Total Flame Cigars is a lifestyle, not just another cigar. The cigar smoker that inhales the beauty of life, that is who will enjoy the ride.

Trust No One

Unleashed Designs
Unleash your wild side at the Legendary Buffalo Chip with dazzling stainless steel rings, necklaces, bracelets and much more. Make sure your exotic jewelry fits with free custom sizing. Various designs and options are available for men and women who want to complete their outfit with kick-ass jewelry. 

USA Cool Hats
Cool Hats manufactures custom-made head wear such as headbands, do-rags and
bandanas. They also have embellished cowboy hats and cadet hats. 

Waste Connections
Expect to have top notch service with the folks who will do your dirty work to make sure your waste water tanks are empty.  We are presenting a special offer for pre-purchased pumps of your waste water tanks which means that you can purchase, schedule and leave the work to us.  Waste Connections, Inc is offering the PUMP service to all RV campers staying at the Legendary Buffalo Chip and the convenience of a pre-pay and save package of up to four pumps.



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