Amber Klear Lampoons Every Day Life For Sturgis Rally Visitors’ Amusement

Amber Klear’s Comedy Adds Sarcasm and Silliness to the Chip’s Lineup of Sturgis Events

Split Your Sides this Sturgis Rally Snickering at Amber’s Self-Deprecating Satire

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Get ready to laugh until you’re clutching at your last bit of breath. Imagine a person with the energy level of a bunch of kindergartners hopped up on candy, the attention span of a chicken nugget, the sense of humor of a fifth grade boy and the intelligence of an Southern Illinois University graduate, and you're somewhere in the ballpark of describing Amber Klear.

After graduating from SIU, Amber was like many 20-something college grads–seeking the job that would justify the years of studying and mountain of debt accrued from earning two college degrees. It didn’t take long for the stress of this new job to cause a blood clot in her brain. 

Klear quickly decided this life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and traded it all in for a chance to follow her dreams. She started by donning some leather and hopping on a motorcycle for a cross-country road trip. After her journey, Amber settled in the Midwest where a series of odd experiences have become excellent fodder for a comedy routine sure to make you howl with laughter every night at the Buffalo Chip Comedy Club.

She can’t wait to tell you all about her experiences with biker gangs and swimming with sharks and other hilarious stories that have made each new gig more prestigious than her last.

Don’t be so serious; reserve your passes now so you can yuk it up with Amber at some of the most hilarious Sturgis events of the year.

“We love The Buffalo Chip! Have tent camped, slept in our trailer and brought the RV. 10 or 11 years and counting! We wouldn't stay anywhere else! Every year we see improvements & the concerts are awesome! Keep up the good work!”
- Cindy Stavropoulos