Hoyt Axton Hosts Sturgis Rally Blues Band


Hoyt Axton Stage to Provide Exciting Entertainment and Country and Blues Bands During the Sturgis, SD Rally

Enjoy Music, Contests and Events All Day Long During the Chip’s August Music Festival

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Experience sizzlin’ country and blues music and unforgettable events honoring America’s brave servicemen and women at the Buffalo Chip’s famed Hoyt Axton Stage. Located near the Chip’s South 40 RV Park in the historic barn, the Hoyt Axton Stage lives in an area that celebrates all things Americana--the Patriot Pavilion. Enjoy a variety of fun activities with your biker buddies, such as yard games, trivia and a special happy hour for military members.

If you’re an active duty or retired service member, you can show up to the Patriot Pavilion daily at 5 p.m. with your military ID and quench your thirst with a cold, refreshing and, best of all, complimentary pint of Samuel Adams Boston Lager (while supplies last).  

The Hoyt Axton Stage gets its name from music legend Hoyt Axton, who showed up unexpectedly at the Chip back in 1988. Hoyt arrived in a camper filled with moonshine and gave a surprise performance with Nick St. Nicolas of Steppenwolf that is still considered one of the greatest shows in Buffalo Chip history. Like a camper full of Hoyt’s hooch, the events and entertainment on this stage will keep you partying hard throughout the Sturgis rally.

In addition to seeing live performances from acts like the Charlie Brechtel Band and Reformed Whores, you’ll be able to watch and participate in a ridiculous array of contests and events you probably wouldn't want to tell your mother about including the legendary Midnight Endurance Ride!

Every party at the Hoyt Axton Stage is filled with the spirit of that legendary night over 25 years ago. Don’t miss your chance to make your own lifelong memories at the Hoyt Axton Stage. Reserve your passes today for The Best Party Anywhere®.

The Legendary Buffalo Chip is the prime destination for real biker fun! Top-notch entertainment, great food and the best campsites anywhere in Sturgis. See you there!”
 - Warren Dorrell

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