Creative Campsite Décor Could Win You Big Prizes during the Sturgis Rally


Coolest Campsites Win in Block Party Challenge

Have Fun Turning Heads with Your Group’s Campsite Décor during the Sturgis Rally!

You and your friends!
Campsite Decorating Contest
Judging Tuesday, Aug. 11
Wherever you set up camp at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®
Have fun, create a conversation starter, meet new friends, win prizes!
Check out the decorating ideas below, keep your campsite clean, be friendly to your neighbors

Ever walked by a group of friends at their campsite and thought to yourself, “Those guys look fun,” and wanted to join in on their party? While you’re usually welcome to stop by and say hi to other friendly folks camping at The Best Party Anywhere®, you don’t always have to crash somebody else’s party. Make one of your own! The Buffalo Chip rewards the weirdest, wildest and most creative campers for doing so in the Block Party Challenge!

Make your campsite stand out during the Sturgis rally! Whether it’s bringing your own adult-sized kiddie pool and theming your campsite “Water World for Bikers” or proudly displaying your flags and calling your campsite “Little America,” having a creative campsite is not only fun, it will serve as a conversation starter, help you meet new people, make more friends and possibly win you wicked sweet prizes!

How to win in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create an inviting space with eye-catching campsite décor.
  2. Be friendly with your neighbors and those passing by your campsite.
  3. Keep your area picked up and pleasant to the eyes and nose.


Even if you don’t care about winning, keep your campsite clean and presentable anyway.
Seriously…Nobody wants to party with a slob. Nobody.

A team of Buffalo Chip party experts will secretly judge campsites daily, but neighborhood pride day will be on Tuesday, Aug. 11, so be sure to pull out all the stops on that day.

Judges will award winners for the following categories:

  • The Crazy George Award - Most Imaginative
    Think outside the box!
  • The Miss Chippie Award - Most Exciting and Fun
    Show the world your wild side!
  • Woody’s Choice - Most Beautiful and Friendly
    Create your own little piece of heaven!

What can you win?

In addition to some serious bragging rights, you (and the winners in the other two categories) will each receive:

  • A gigantic gift basket overflowing with beer and Buffalo Chip goodies to help fuel your party during the Sturgis Rally.
  • A one-of-a-kind flag to be placed in your camp that designates you as a winner! You can keep the flag and bring it back every year to show off as a challenge to your neighbors.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun campsite décor, but if you’re stuck on where to start, here are a few ideas:

American Flags
Area Rugs
Beaded Curtains
Blow Up Dolls
Christmas Lights
Homemade Signs
Kiddie Pools
Lawn Furniture
Solar Lights
Tiki Torches
Yard Games


Still stuck? Sometimes you just need to throw back a few beers and the ideas will come to you.

If you’re coming to the Legendary Buffalo Chip to make lifelong memories, don’t let your own presence be forgettable. Get in on the fun and leave a lasting mark on the Best Party Anywhere by participating in the Buffalo Chip Block Party Challenge!

What kind of fun and unique campsite have you seen and what do you and your friends plan to create at The Best Party Anywhere? Share in the comments below!

“The whole Sturgis experience all in the campground!”
- Billy Channel