Burning out motorcycles vs. Juli Moody

Juli Moody – The Female Human Link

Daredevil Motorcycle Stunt Threatens To Rip Off Both Arms As Juli Moody Holds Back Opposing Burn Outs With Her Bare Arms

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Make your way to CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip to see Juli Moody restrain two motorcycles with her arms as they burn out in opposite directions using no brakes during Daredevil Wednesday.

When: 5 PM Wednesday Aug 7
Where: CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip
How Much: FREE

Juli “The Dare Factor” Moody likes to live life on the edge by doing daring feats that push the envelope. Her career began with Olympic lifting, power lifting, setting national and world records, while making the prestigious list of “Women’s Top 50 All Time” in three different weight classes. She earned herself a spot on Team USA and was able to bring back the gold medal.

Moody’s heart lies in raw power, so doing strength stunts with motorcycles was a natural fit for her, requiring mental toughness, confidence in herself, and a good team to work with in order to make the stunt look easy, even though it is dangerous! One mishap could tear her apart, literally.

Moody is the only woman in the world to perform “The Female Human Link,” restraining a motorcycle on each arm as it burns out, with no brakes used. This stunt is unlike any other that will be at the inaugural Daredevil Wednesday at the Best Party Anywhere. You won’t want to miss this daring feat of strength and beauty combined into one stunning, jaw-dropping show!

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