Midget Bowling Strikes Again at the Chip

Grab Hold of Short Sleeve Sampson and Let Him Rip Down the Alley

If you’ve ever been to the Buffalo Chip before, you know—Midget Bowling is something you’ve just got to try. It’s a rite of passage that takes you from casual Sturgis Rally attendee to full on Chipster. The feeling you get from grabbing a slippery midget, hurling him down the lane with all your might, and witnessing an explosion of bowling pins and lube is truly indescribable. Although, many have simply referred to their experience as “awesome!” 

This is why we’re thrilled to announce that Midget Bowling will be back at the Chip! Midget Wrestling icon Short Sleeve Sampson, along with his trusty assistants Lady Victoria and Summer, will be in amphitheater daily starting at 3 p.m. Step up to the lane and take a crack at bowling a strike, or just hang out and watch the action. Superstars like Rob Zombie, John 5, Eric Church and Zac Brown have all gotten in on this authentic Buffalo Chip experience, so you never know who might drop in. 

After you’ve tried your luck, the mighty Midget Wrestling Champion Short Sleeve Sampson will even hoist you on his shoulders for an epic photo-op. That experience alone is worth giving Midget Bowling a try!

While you’re taking in all the sights and sounds of the Chip, be sure to swing by Midget Bowling. Because when the party is over, you don’t want to say, “Well, I did it all, except…” Of course, the only way you can cross Midget Bowling off your bucket list is to reserve your passes to the Best Party Anywhere. 

Are you up for a little Midget Bowling? Tell us in the comments below!

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