Tim Dyson Aerial Motorcycle Stunts Added To Free Daredevil Wednesday Events

Double Backward Flip With Passenger Attempt To Be Made At The CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip

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The Buffalo Chip Daredevil Wednesday just got better with the addition of Freestyle Motocross Rider Tim Dyson at the newest Sturgis bar, the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip. Tim Dyson will set out to perform a double back flip with a passenger on his bike during the all day stunt a thon, joining a full day of other stuntmen completing off the hook stunts.

When: 6 PM Wednesday Aug 7
Where: CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip
Cost: Free

Dyson has mastered the world of motocross with an array of jaw dropping tricks, flips, and stunts that astound crowds.

Daredevil Wednesday also features a world record longest ride through a tunnel of fire attempt by Clint Ewing, a world record speed attempt on the Wall of Death by Patch McGillicutty, unimotorcycle drag races, and the female human link Juli Moody who will hold back motorcycles with her bare arms. Get down to the Daredevil Wednesday event, an event of epic proportions!

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