Past Exhibits

2016 Exhibit
Skin & Bones – Tattoo Inspired Motorcycles and Art
Onlookers observed a harmonious marriage of inner power and outer beauty at Skin & Bones: Tattoo Inspired Motorcycles and Art. A walk through this one-time collection was an experience that left a permanent mark on their souls.

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2015 Exhibit
The Naked Truth
Unlike any bike show or exhibit you’d ever seen before, the Naked Truth simply bared it all. Attendees could follow every curve, explore every exposed inch and bask in the raw beauty of this groundbreaking display.

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2014 Exhibit
Built for Speed – Race-Inspired Custom Motorcycles & Art 
Expanding on the 2013 Ton Up! café racer exhibit, Built for Speed Exhibit included even more branches of racing. Custom bikes reflected Speedway, Flat Track, Drag, Board Track, Grand Prix and Land Speed Record and were accompanied by race-themed painting, photography, helmets and prints by artists equally inspired by competition motorcycles in action.

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2013 Exhibit
Ton Up! Speed, Style and Café Racer Culture
The 2013 exhibit allowed guests to explore the origins and continued popularity of the worldwide Café Racer movement. This one-of-a-kind exhibit, curated by Michael Lichter and Paul d’Orleans, featured 32 motorcycles as well as paintings, never-published photography from the original café racing scene and the “One-Show” display of 21 custom-painted helmets.

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2012 Exhibit
Come Together! The Spirit of Born Free
The 2012 exhibit celebrated the freedom of expression, contemporary motorcycle design and the vision of today’s most innovative artists and custom bike fabricators. Guests explored the idea that motorcycle design is as much about the culture and time in which it was born as it is the machinery itself.

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2011 Exhibit
Slant Artist – An Eccentric View on Motorcycles and Art
The distinctive yet unconventional theme of the 2011 exhibit focused on avant-garde artist Jeff Decker. In addition to Decker’s ten beautiful bronze sculptures, Slant Artist featured a large and eclectic display of motorcycles and wall art gathered from his personal collection, friends and other artists. Decker also worked on a new sculpture in the gallery for several hours each day, allowing visitors to see his work in progress and ask questions.

2010 Exhibit
Eternal Combustion – 30 in the Wind

This exhibit posed the question, "How is this passion for custom motorcycles passed on through time?" Fifteen pairs of builders tied together by family, respect, friendship or apprenticeship provided the 30 motorcycles on display in this exhibit. Builder teams highlighted within the show included Arlen Ness & Paul Yaffe, Dave & Jody Perewitz, Donnie Smith & Brian Klock, Eddie Trotta & Todd Silicato, Kevin Baas & his Kennedy High School Chopper Class, Kirk Taylor & Brian Schimke, Roland Sands & Drake McGillroy, and many others.