Charlie Brechtel Band

Charlie Brechtel Returns to the Buffalo Chip Campground for 2007!

The Charlie Brechtel Band represents the soul of The Legendary Buffalo Chip. He’s perfect for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. He’s a biker who sings the blues and his songs are about “the life.”

Charlie and his band will once again be playing their own particular brand of Sturgis Rally music every day at the Buffalo Chip.

There is a history, a legacy and a brotherhood that comprise the soul of the American biker. Those are also the elements that separate the music of Charlie Brechtel from any other musician or band who aim their talents at the Sturgis Rally community.

With Charlie it's all about reality. It's about what actually goes on --and has gone on at The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where America's last breed of folk heroes comes to exercise their freedom.

Charlie doesn't just play the kind of rockin' blues that is the perfect soundtrack to this way of life; Charlie takes his listeners into a world that was begun in America's post WWII years, screamed through the 50s and 60s and has evolved into one of the most powerful and envied sub-cultures that this country has ever produced.  And, the Buffalo Chip music is the perfect venue for his Sturgis Rally tunes.

“I play motorcycle events all across America. And, being from New Orleans, I have seen it all…until I got to play at the Chip. To me, the Buffalo Chip is Mardi Gras meets Biker Woodstock, which equals one hell of a party,” he said.

Charlie's played with the likes of Gregg Allman and John Lee Hooker.  His CDs feature some of the best musicians in blues and rock 'n roll today. He's played the Chip during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and countless other major biker events and venues. His tunes will be heard in upcoming specials on the History Channel and in the DVD that
accompanies the book, "The Original Wild Ones."

The soul of the American biker and the music of Charlie Brechtel are truly one and the same.

His tribute tunes are becoming legendary. His music pays homage to the biker lifestyle in a way that no other musician has ever done. And, the Chip is honored to be the subject of one of his most recent Sturgis Rally tribute tunes.  “I love it so much that I wrote a song for Woody called (what else?) “The Chip.” People from all over the world come together with one thing in common – the love for motorcycles and to live life
at its fullest,” he said. “God Bless The Buffalo Chip!”

The soul of the American biker and the music of Charlie Brechtel are truly one and the same.