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What better place to watch a legend in the making than the legendary Buffalo Chip Campground? That legend in the making is Daughtry, the self-titled band headed up by Chris Daughtry, performing live at the Wolfman Jack Memorial Stage, Friday evening August 10th.

Who’s Daughtry?

If you’re not quite sure who Chris Daughtry is then you’re definitely not an American Idol regular. If you were you’d know that Chris Daughtry made it all the way to the Final Four during American Idol’s season five.

With the title of America’s newest Idol well within his reach, the bragging rights were suddenly snatched away when – much to everyone’s surprise – Chris Daughtry didn’t receive enough votes to continue on. That was as far as Daughtry would go but even so, was clear Daughtry was on his way to fame and fortune.

The next surprise in Daughtry’s life was the decision to decline an offer to become the lead singer for the hit band Fuel. After declining the offer to lead an already established ban and deciding against a solo career, Daughtry didn’t waste any time. He quickly seized the opportunity to start his own band – a decision that’s paying off nicely!

Just one year after the surprising end to his American Idol dream, Daughtry the band is rising on its own merits, helped along by the skill of this very talented singer, songwriter and guitar player.

Backing up Daughtry are the other band members including Joey Barnes on drums and backup vocals, Josh Paul on bass, Brian Craddock on guitar and Josh Steely, also on guitar.

Half a year after its release, the band’s debut album is already topping the charts. The album made it to number one on the Billboard Charts, it has gone double platinum, and so far 3 of its songs have gone single including “It’s Not Over,” “Home” and “What I Want.”

Although the band’s hit single “It’s Not Over” is about a relationship that’s reached its limits, the same definitely can’t be said about this band’s future. It’s definitely not over for Daughtry – in fact it’s just starting to heat up.

The notoriety Chris Daughtry gained while a contestant and perhaps more so the shock of being voted off the show have actually helped ignite this aspiring singer/songwriter’s career. If you need proof of Daughtry’s intent to forge ahead rather than dwell on the past, you need only look at band’s aggressive 2007 touring schedule. 

No better way to wind down a busy week

Daughtry the band arrives near the end of the 2007 Sturgis Rally but you can be sure the band’s going to put on a show that’s worth waiting for. From the stage of American Idol to the Wolfman Jack Memorial Stage at Buffalo Chip, we welcome America’s newest hit band, Daughtry! Don’t miss this once only live performance.

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