Melissa Fuller

Melissa Fuller will be kickin’ up the dust’ at the Legendary Buffalo Chip


I was playing league pool in the bar at Minerva’s in Rapid City at the same time there was a talent buyers’ convention in the hotel. I kept noticing this photo of a striking young blond with her guitar. She had Sharpied her room number on it, so when I completed my match I went searching for this young thing.
There she was, sitting on the bed in her hospitality room with her mom. With big white teeth, she smiled and asked where I was from. I said I was from the bar, playing pool, but that I occasionally had something to do with some music that gets played at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. “So, can you sing?” I asked.
She didn’t get three bars into her song “Is It Hot In Here,” before I asked, “What are you doing in August?” Well, as it turns out, Melissa Fuller will be kickin’ up the dust’ at the Legendary Buffalo Chip. Melissa will rock the house as she takes you back to the likes of another Wyoming wild child and her ultimate hero, the late Chris LeDoux. Melissa’s style and showmanship brings a fresh approach to the world of country music. And did I mention she’s hot?
She is been standing ovation material at hundreds fairs, rodeos and concerts from Texas to the Canadian border, and from California to Tennessee. Yet, she’s just a little ‘ol country girl from Cheyenne.  And, now the bikers who come to the Sturgis Rally will get to enjoy this sweet little firecracker at the Legendary Buffalo Chip.
She can be as sweet as a spring Cheyenne breeze or whip it into a roaring twister that will rock you back on your heels, or in the case of the Chip, your bike’s saddle. Prepare to rev your engines!
At just 21, she’s already opened for music legends Jamie O’Neal, Andy Griggs, Diamond Rio, Dan Seals and Emerson Drive. She’s a savvy songstress who knew her gifts and dreams early. She first performed at 5, wrote her first song at 12 and was in the studio by 13.She’ll be playing every day at the Legendary Buffalo Chip from the official beginning of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally on Monday, Aug. 6 through Saturday, Aug. 11, 2007. And, did I mention she’s hot?