Truck Sled Pull

Trucks, Noise and Real Horsepower will invade the 2008 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally at the Buffalo Chip Campground.










The National Sled Puller's Association (NSPA) and Sturgis’ Buffalo Chip Campground would like to introduce their new partnership!  The NSPA and the Buffalo Chip's first showcase pulls will take place during the Rally, August 4th and 5th, on-site at the campground.  Anyone with a truck, bone-stock or fully modified, is encouraged to hook up and join the craze!

NSPA Partners Ron Greene, Clint Cannon, and Mike Sulley created the NSPA to stage the best pulls possible all over the United States!  Sled-pulling is the fastest growing motor-sport in the country, and the NSPA provides some of the most intense, competitive, and entertaining sled-pulls spectators have ever seen.  NSPA also owns one of the biggest, baddest sleds in the country.  This sled is so huge, it can handle any size vehicle! 

The Buffalo Chip, during the Sturgis Rally, is the perfect venue for a sled-pull!  To see what sled-pulling is all about, come to the Buffalo Chip August 4th and 5th, and remember: "IF YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME!