Something Potent is Brewing at the Buffalo Chip  

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2015
  • by Jeff Smith

Jägermeister Brings the Big Woody to the Buffalo Chip for the 75th Sturgis Rally




Woody and Daymon have been slaving away in HAZMAT suits in an old RV down by the Wolfman Jack Stage, and the result is a concoction you might want to get your hands on or give to your old lady. Without further ado, we give you The Big Woody.


A special deal of 2 for $6 on the Big Woody will be available this summer at the CrossRoads. That means getting a Big Woody and giving the Big Woody can be inexpensive in addition to fun at the Chip! Of course, the Big Woody isn't the only delicious concoction you’ll find at the Best Party Anywhere™. It goes perfect with partying till the sun comes up, so be sure to give it a try, because time spent wasted is not wasted time.

Want to know more about getting your hands on a Big Woody? Ask us about it below!

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