A Message from Woody About the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally  

  • Wednesday, October 28, 2020
  • by Buffalo Chip

Hey. Good morning. It’s Woody here, right? We’re making this video because we want to express our appreciation for you guys having been here about two months ago. Thank you for that. I mean, you all showed up with your smiling faces, you were all so dang happy to be here. I mean, it rubbed off on everybody. We all had just a marvelous friggin’ time, right? It resulted in the smoothest rally we maybe have ever had. And you guys, what you did is you proved that outdoor events can be held safely, right? Nobody got sick here. You know, we acted responsibly, or you guys all did anyway, right? So, no superspreader here.

And while you were here, also, you know, the generosity that you demonstrated again is consistent with what you guys do every year, and this year you put us over the $1 million mark. We were able to pass that mark. We passed over a million dollars to local charities that benefit children around here. You think about what good that does for the image of the motorcycle enthusiast and the changes in the lives of the children that are served by the charities that we give this money to, you guys deserve this. Right?

So, Pollstar is one of the people that noticed all this, one of the magazines. That’s the trade magazine for the music industry, right? And on August 7, they ran an article that was captioned, “How the Buffalo Chip Became the Beacon for Freedom.” Well, that only happened because you guys came. Right? You guys showed everybody how to be doing it and how it’s done. Right?

So, thank you again for having been here. Thank you for being so responsible. Thank you for having such a good time. Thank you for comin’. And oh, incidentally, we’re gonna do it again this upcoming August, right? I mean, this’ll be our 40th consecutive annual event, right? We want you here. You can make your reservations right now. They’re never gonna be less expensive than they are right now. And we’re gonna start making announcements about it very shortly so you can start, you know, paying a little bit more attention to those maybe so that you always know what’s going on.

And in the meantime we know that we want you to be healthy, to stay healthy, to stay free, and like we always say, we want you to ride free, take risk and then bring those smiling faces right here because we love ya, you’re our friends, and we look forward to seein’ ya and having another good time with ya. Alright?

So, Legendary Buffalo Chip, it’s on your mind. It’s on our mind. We’re gonna do it. 40th annual. We’ll catch ya later.

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