How to Do Sturgis During COVID-19

If you ride a motorcycle, you already know that taking risks can be pretty rewarding. For experienced riders, you’re probably also familiar with many ways to lessen that risk and keep yourself safer on the road. Right now riders heading to South Dakota’s Black Hills for the 80th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are wondering how to mitigate risk and do Sturgis in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Woody Answers Your Recent Buffalo Chip Questions

Tips on Camping in Sturgis at The Chip from Woody”>

Every day folks like you who are planning a trip to Sturgis ask all sorts of questions about the Buffalo Chip and plans for the upcoming rally. With an event like the Best Party Anywhere® there's a whole lot to learn, so we're taking you right to the top and getting you the low down straight from the source. Read on to get answers to some of the common (and not so common) questions you've been asking recently from Sturgis Buffalo Chip® President and Founder Rod “Woody” Woodruff.
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Two Dudes with Tools: Simple Garage Projects for the Average Dude!

Let’s face it– knowing how to build and fix things in your life can save you lots of money, and the process of identifying and solving problems can give you immense satisfaction. If you’re already handy, then you no doubt know this. If, on the other hand, you barely know the difference between a pipe wrench and a pocketknife, you might wish you could improve your skills but have no idea where to start.
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How to Do Sturgis Vol. 3 – Answers to First Timer Questions About Anniversary Years

In today’s world, the shelf life of just about everything has gotten shorter. Trends come and go quickly, and they apply to everything from the clothes you wear to the music on the radio, even the way you travel. So when you stumble upon something that has stood the test of time, it’s worth taking note

Few events in this world make it to an 80-year milestone, but it’s a patch the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is about to earn. The buzz leading up to this historic anniversary event has gotten the wheels turning for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world, causing countless people to wonder…
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Tips and Tricks to Sharing a Busy Road

There’s nothing like getting ready to hit the road, turning the keys in the ignition, pulling out of the driveway… and immediately being hit with traffic. Talk about a buzzkill.

Bicycles, cars, pedestrians, scooters, motorcycles. Everyone seems to be going everywhere in every direction all at the same time these days. So, we have to learn how to share the road if we want to get to our destinations safely.
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Avoid The Worst Camping Problems with this One Surprising Tool

What was that?

Oh no…it’s RAIN!

You quickly spring into action, frantically pulling a GEICO poncho over your head while scrambling around the campsite to secure your belongings. As you scurry through the wet grass to cover your motorcycle seat, a gust of wind catches your open RV hatch, ripping it right off the hinges and hurling it into a neighboring campsite.
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What Sturgis Police Will Be Watching For During This Year’s Motorcycle Rally

Nothing puts a damper on fun quite like a run in with Johnny Law, and with the increased police presence in and around the city of Sturgis during the annual motorcycle rally, knowing the state and local laws is a must. To make sure you have the 411 on what law enforcement officers will be looking for, Sturgis Rider® News sat down with Chief of Police Geody VanDewater of the Sturgis Police Department. Make sure you and other riders on the road can have a safe and fun time during this year’s Sturgis motorcycle rally by checking out his list of dos and don’ts.
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How to Plan and Execute Safe and Successful Group Rides

Riding with a group can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on a motorcycle. The fun of sharing an adventure with a bunch of friends or a group raising money for a good cause is the reason why big ride events like the Buffalo Chip's Legends Ride® and Biker Belles® ride and groups like the Wild Gypsy Tour grow every year.

If you just can't wait for your own favorite group ride, or you've got a cause you'd like to support, you can always organize your own. And the first step is learning how to keep your riders safe.
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6 Winter Motorcycle Riding Tips

If you’re a diehard motorcyclist who also happens to live in a place with four seasons, you may be experiencing an acute case of seasonal-induced PMS– Parked Motorcycle Syndrome—come winter. But don’t take it out on your friends and family– you can still mount your iron steed this winter. You just need to equip yourself with the right gear and knowledge before you do. Keep reading to get the skinny on everything you need for winter motorcycle riding courtesy of your friends at The Best Party Anywhere – The Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip.
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Winterizing Your Motorcycle – Sturgis Rider® How-To Video Series

The end of fall can be a pretty lousy time of year for those who have to keep their bike parked over the winter. Returning your baby to the garage after one last teeth-chattering ride can be a pretty heartbreaking moment. But you shouldn’t let your sadness get in the way of your bike’s overall performance.

To make sure your bike will be ready to ride on the first warm day of spring, check out this video to learn the necessary motorcycle winterization steps from an expert.
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