Meet Billy Lane

Choppers, Inc.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, custom bike-builder Billy Lane holds an Associate of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Florida International University.⁠

His father greatly influenced Billy’s interest in cars and hot rods early on; so Billy had already acquired quite a bit of mechanical knowledge, even before attending college. Then in the late ’80’s Billy bought his first bike …in parts and pieces. But he quickly figured out how to put it together; and with the advice and help of a few old-timers, he learned a lot —and fast.⁠

After graduating, Billy got a job working on bikes with his brother Warren, then later went on his own. He began making custom parts as gifts for his friends, but the demand quickly grew for his now-famous 6-gun parts, leading to the 1995 formation of Choppers Inc. in Melbourne, Florida.⁠

Billy credits much of his success to good timing –getting into the chopper scene ahead of the curve, well before choppers were considered relevant by the motorcycle industry. ⁠

Billy’s work has been featured on such notable magazine covers as The Horse, Easyriders, Street Chopper, Hot Bike, as well as several international publications. He has also received numerous awards from his peers, including the 2002 Easyriders Best-Bike-Builder-of-the-Year and 2002 Easyriders Invitational Class, winning First Place Best-in-Show for his “Psycho Billy Cadillac” bike, making famous Billy’s design marvel: the ‘hubless’ wheel.⁠

Billy’s popularity grew exponentially with a string of television appearances, including a segment on the Speed Channel’s “Corbin’s Ride On!” A long-term relationship with the Discovery Channel began while shooting the first episode of “Monster Garage”, after which Billy was also invited to participate in other Discovery Channel series: “Biker Build-Off”, and “BIG!”. Later, his support of the U.S. Armed Forces was featured on the Discovery Channel Special, “The Billy Lane Project”, which focused on Billy’s pride-and-joy, the “Blood Sweat & Gears Tour”.