Meet Carlos Moleda

Navy Seal

Iron Man Champion

Carlos Moleda grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. At age 18, he chose a life of adventure, moved to the United States and joined the Navy. His ability to work hard and learn fast eventually won him a coveted spot as a Navy SEAL.

A few years later, he found himself in the middle of an intense firefight in Panama. Nine of the 10 men in his unit were wounded – four fatally. Carlos was hit near his spine and leg, and lost feeling in his lower body forever. Competitive sports proved to be the best way to recover from this traumatic injury. Through an unyielding spirit and a passion for competition, this Purple Heart recipient turned his misfortune into his greatest adventure: becoming a champion.

Since his injury, Carlos has become a world-renowned athlete. He has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and has completed in Race Across America and numerous other triathlons and cycling competitions around the world. He is a seven-time Ironman National Champion and five-time Ironman World Champion. The Ironman Hall of Fame named him as their 2021 inductee.

Carlos is a member of Team Paralyzed Veterans of America and serves as a spokesman for the Challenged Athletes Foundation / Operation Rebound. He uses his expertise and motivational skills to teach younger kids and veterans with disabilities how to ride racing wheelchairs and handcycles. He is also a triathlon coach for CAF Operation Rebound.

He is married to Sarah Preston Moleda and has a son, Spencer. He is an amazing man, a fine American and when you’re with him you can’t help but realize that there are few people on this Earth who stand as tall as Carlos Moleda.