Meet Pat Simmons

The Doobie Brothers

Pat Simmons is a musician most well known for being a member of the rock band The Doobie Brothers. Pat remains the band’s only consistent member and has been throughout the band’s existence. He wrote many songs for the band including “South City Midnight Lady,” “Dependin’ On You,” “Echoes of Love” and “Black Water.” When Pat decided to leave the group in 1982, the band temporarily disbanded and he released his first solo album, Arcade. While taking a break from the Doobie Brothers, he formed the band Skin Suit and released a second solo album in 1998, “Take Me to the Highway.” Pat Simmons and the rest of the Doobie Brothers have been a mainstay to the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s annual Motorcycle and Music Festival, having performed in 1991, 1995, 2010 and 2013.