Meet Paul Wideman

Bare Knuckle Choppers

In business since 2003, Bare Knuckle Choppers has consistently designed and built some of the most recognizable choppers in the industry. We are proudly known for our high quality, home-grown, hand-crafted custom parts and award-winning custom motorcycles.⁠

Born and raised in the central United States, where the roads are winding and rolling hills lined with trees, what else is there, but to jump on a motorcycle and hit the pavement at Mach speed leaving the world behind!? And there the journey started for Bare Knuckle Choppers owner and lead designer, Paul Wideman. Since day one, Paul and crew have been proudly offering custom motorcycle and parts designs that are always inspired, unique, 100% made in the USA, using domestically sourced materials and precision-engineered for aesthetics and most importantly, for performance! ⁠

As Bare Knuckle Choppers passion for riding progressed from hobby to custom builds, we found ourselves in pursuit of ever more necessary one-of-a-kind modifications. It was then that we began to conceptualize and manufacture our own parts. Parts that were no longer being produced for various older motorcycles and of course for each of our many custom builds, which you will spy in magazines, around the rallies and streets of America and beyond. We offer hundreds of custom parts here through Bare Knuckle Performance, the expert machine shop behind Bare Knuckle Choppers.