Meet Rick Fairless

Strokers Dallas

Rick Fairless was born in Dallas, Texas and was raised and still live in the Dallas suburb of Irving. His brother Randy (he’s 11 months younger and a big shot attorney in Houston) and he were raised on motorcycles and started riding bikes at 7 years old. At the ripe young age of 19, Rick went to work for his great uncle who owned a chain of paint stores called Roach Paint Company, which later became Glidden Paint Co. After 20 years in the paint business, and never missing a day of work, Rick retired as the #1 Sales Rep in the country for the Glidden Paint Company!

His passion in life was, and still is, custom motorcycles. He kept hoping that someone would open a big time custom motorcycle shop in Dallas so he could buy cool, custom parts from guys like Arlen Ness and Pat Kennedy. Then he thought, why can’t that guy be me?

So, in 1996 Rick opened Strokers Dallas. Two years later, he opened up his bar & grill next door called Strokers Ice House. On any normal Saturday or Sunday, 500 to 1000 bikes pass through his doors! The live music is playing, the girls are selling ice-cold beer, and the bikes are roaring in and out… It’s freakin’ AWESOME! His property is 2.5 acres located deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas, only a few miles from downtown! He can truly say that he is the luckiest boy in the world, living his dream everyday, 8 days a week!