Machine Head Tour Joins The Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Sturgis Bike Festival Guaranteed to Hit Hard Wednesday Aug 7

A heavy dose of heavy rock comes to the Legendary Buffalo Chip® as New Wave American Metal pioneers, Machine Head, join the 2013 Sturgis Bike Festival. Catch Machine Head’s epic Sturgis concert tour stop Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013.

The second announcement of three Grammy award winning bands to perform during the Sturgis Bike Festival’s Wednesday lineup, Machine Head, expected to perform songs off their latest powerhouse album, “Unto the Locust,” as well as many off of other popular albums, recently charted 22 on the Billboard charts, was nominated for a Grammy Award and has sold over 3 million records worldwide. “Unto the Locust” sets the stage for nothing short of a high energy, exhilarating Sturgis Bike Festival concert!

The hard working band makes their own way, carves their own path, does their own thing, not worrying about what others may think or what other bands are doing. After releasing their Grammy-nominated album, “The Blackening,” many wondered how they were going to top that album, but guitarist Robb Flynn said they just wanted to focus on challenging themselves while delivering another rocking album! They stayed true to their original sound, the thrashing, down-tuned guitars, psychedelic tones, and sad melodies, but they brought a different sound into it as well, causing more goosebumps than ever before with the addition of a nimbly-plucked classical guitar and a string quartet. It is a unique sound unlike any others within their genre that fans can expect to hear at the 2013 Sturgis Bike Festival at the Chip™.

“Machine Head’s stunning no compromise appetite makes for the most exciting hard rock you’ll ever hear,” says Daymon Woodruff of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “There’s nowhere else in the world that’s going to rock like the Chip is going to rock with Machine Head on Wednesday Aug 7.”

Machine Head’s ever evolving sound has brought them to the top once again, recently earning them a Grammy nomination and an invitation to open for Metallica for a six- month stretch. A perfect Sturgis bike festival addition, Machine Head claims their rise to success is their unwavering integrity to stay true to themselves and their constant, risky, yet rocking show that leaves people craving more.

Attendees of the 2013 Sturgis Bike Festival should be ready to be rocked to their core with the unparalleled guitar riffs and heavy lyrical music of Machine Head. Be prepared for a concert like none other as Machine Head lays it all out for Sturgis Bike Festival concert goers! Machine Head joins a night of hard rock, Wednesday Aug 7 so get ready for a night of the best hard rock you’ve ever experienced!

Machine Head joins two other Grammy nominated bands on Wednesday Aug 7 at the Chip!