A Better Vantage: The Best Sturgis Videos of 2022

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has got to be worth at least a million. When there’s a big story to tell, no other medium says it as well. This is why the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® brought on award-winning videographer and drone operator Grant Holub in 2022 to capture the beautiful landscapes, larger-than-life experiences and wonderful characters that make the Best Party Anywhere® so special
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25 Bands That Could Rock the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycle and Music Festival?

Securing bands for The Best Party Anywhere® is no easy feat.

It often takes the entire year before all the variables fall into place.

But the process always starts by listening to requests from fans like you.

Planning is currently underway, and lots of you have been asking about bands and listing ones you'd ride across the country naked in a blizzard to see perform.
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The Responsible Party: 22 Photos that Explain the Lost & Found

By now, you've probably seen all the crazy stuff that got left behind at the Buffalo Chip after the 2022 Sturgis Rally. And if you have, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself, “What kind of deranged weirdos party like in the first place?”
While the world may never know exactly who hit the road without their box of emergency underpants or the front end of their motorcycle, we’ve identified some people who fit the description.
Check out these wild photos and let us know if you think we’ve found the responsible party.
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The Aftermath of the Weirdest Party Anywhere: The 2022 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

Another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has come and gone, and, like every other year, folks on the outside are full of questions.
How many people were there?
What were the best concerts?
How did it compare to last year? The 80th? The 75th?
Of course, the SD Department of Transportation releases traffic numbers. But to truly gauge how crazy the party was, you’ve gotta check out the stuff that turned up in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip lost and found. Check out the lost and found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.
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Unique Eats at the Chip That’ll Satisfy Your Most Extreme Cravings

There’s no place on earth like Sturgis Buffalo Chip®, so it should come as no surprise that while you’re at The Best Party Anywhere® you can enjoy totally original and absolutely scrumptious dishes of almost every variety. Satisfy even your oddest cravings with these unique eats of the Chip so your tank is never running on empty.
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The Essential Festival Packing List for The Best Party Anywhere

It might seem obvious, but you can never be over prepared when you’re heading out to camp at a festival, and The Best Party Anywhere® is no exception. The Festival Guide is a valuable resource to help you plan your trip and your entire experience, but unless your goal is to have a crappy time, there’s a bunch of things you’ve just gotta have. Check out this essential packing list for the Buffalo Chip so you’re prepared to party like it’s 1981 once you arrive.
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8 Motorcycle Packing Tips to Help You Save Space

If you’re like most people, you’ll be riding a motorcycle a long way to the Sturgis Rally or, at the very least, riding your motorcycle to a few locations around the Black Hills during your vacation. Whether you’re putting on 250 or 2,500 miles this riding season, learning these motorcycle packing tips will save you lots of headache and tons of time so you can focus on what really matters—enjoying the ride. To save you even more time and trouble, we’ve assembled a list of eight tips to teach you the most efficient way to pack.
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How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck – Secret Money-Saving Deals of the Chip Revealed

Having a good time at the Best Party Anywhere® isn’t rocket science; you just need good friends and good music. But there are some other essentials to consider, and if you’re on a tight budget, it might be hard to afford everything you want to see and do. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide of seven secret money-saving deals to help you get the most bang for your buck while you’re at the Chip.
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Prepping Your Bike for Your Trip to Sturgis Buffalo Chip – Motorcycle Tire Pressure During the “Dog Days of Summer?”

That means tire pressure can vary up to 8%. With so much temperature difference over a day, it is important to check tire pressures at the beginning of the day when the tire is cool (before riding more than 2 miles). Apart from ambient temperature, heat by friction can alter tire pressure. Friction transmits heat to the inside of the tire, increasing in many occasions by 2.9 to 5.8 PSI. Even though a two to eight percent tire pressure may not sound like much on paper, remember that manufacturers advise a specific pressure number in order to extract the maximum performance of the tire in every aspect, so it is crucial in real-life situations. Small deviations directly influence a bike’s behavior.
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