Meet 2024 Poster Model Vanessa

They say good things come to those who wait. For Vanessa Roscamp, three years of dedication and personal transformation was what it took for her to win the title of Buffalo Chip Poster Model. For those of you who have been following along with her journey, as well as the rest of the fantastic finalists, your wait is over, too. The photos have arrived!
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Meet the 2024 Sturgis Buffalo Chip Poster Model Finalists

More women than ever before showed up and showed out for the Buffalo Chip Poster Model Search in 2024, and with good reason! Thanks to sponsors Twisted Tea, Pepsi, Fozzy’s Cycle Shop, High Seas Rally, Snap-on Tools of the Black Hills, Silverado Franklin and XRock, this year’s winner will be going home with over $16,000 in cash and prizes, in addition to becoming the face of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip for 2024. Out of hundreds of contestants, these 24 women will be moving forward to the finals hosted by XRock on May 4, 2024.
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6 Ways Anyone Can Get on Stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Hendrix, can burp your ABCs or are simply riding a streak of luck. There’s a way for anyone to get on stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. If you’d like to walk in the very footsteps of some of the most legendary names in music and spend a moment in the spotlight make sure you check out these five simple ways that can land you a spot on the Chip stage.
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1982 to Today: The Buffalo Chip’s History Through Posters

It would’ve been hard to predict what the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® would be like today had you asked the first bikers who rolled through the gates in 1982. Back then the original By Bikers, For Bikers® event looked a bit more like a three-day keg party in a pasture, with a handful of bands and a few hundred friends.

The early days of the Best Party Anywhere® may have been small by today’s standards, but those who attended knew they had stumbled upon something special.
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Cure PMS with These Custom Motorcycle Shows

It can be tough being a motorcycle enthusiast during the first few months of the year. If only a passion for bikes could burn hot enough to change the weather! Hardcore riders might learn the best practices for winter motorcycle riding, but that leaves the rest of us with a bad case of PMS—parked motorcycle syndrome.

Thankfully, winter and spring provide time for builders, manufacturers and aftermarket companies to develop their latest creations. You’ll have the opportunity to get out of the house and see all their amazing handiwork during these upcoming custom motorcycle shows.
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Holiday Songs That’ll Rock Your Stockings Off

It’s that time of year again where the sound of jingle bells and holiday songs are ringing through the air just about everywhere you go. While there’s nothing wrong with cranking up some traditional tunes, those of you looking to rock will find this ready-made playlist filled with choice jams perfect for getting you rockin’ out in the holiday spirit. Vary up your listening this holiday season by checking out this list of holiday songs that’ll rock your stockings off from your friends at The Best Party Anywhere – The Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip.
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The Unsung Zero: Where Glory Days, Mayhem, and Having ZERO Fun Collide at Camp Zero

There’s a place in Sturgis where hell raisers collide, wiener jokes abound, and smiles stretch for miles. Spend a few hours here, and you’ll throw out any notion that Sturgis is just party for old men with oversized baggers.

Jump on your chopper or Coleman minibike and bring a partner-in-crime because the unforgettable parties at Camp Zero will be your glory days.
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25 Bands That Could Rock the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycle and Music Festival

Securing bands for The Best Party Anywhere® is no easy feat.

It often takes the entire year before all the variables fall into place.

But the process always starts by listening to requests from fans like you.

Planning is currently underway, and lots of you have been asking about bands and listing ones you’d ride across the country naked in a blizzard to see perform.

The following is a list of 25 bands that fans like you have put on the Chip’s radar. Are these the bands you’d go nuts to see join the Sturgis Buffalo Chip lineup?
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The Untamed Spirit – The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® Through the Eyes of Derek Dobell

When you visit the Sturgis Rally, it’s true that you share the same asphalt with your fellow riders, but the magic of it all is that the same moment on the same road often provides you with a wholly distinct experience that is uniquely yours to tell.

Welcome to round two of a remarkable journey as seen through the eyes of one who has lived it, Derek Dobell, a seasoned photographer and aficionado of life’s thrilling moments. The following electrifying photo series plunges you right into those moments when the sun peaks through the Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling Welcome Home Bikers gates, a lone rider dances with the setting sun, or you exchange those soul-warming smiles with your co-pilot on a night of unforgettable concerts.

Derek’s collection of images grants you a backstage pass to the heart of the “Best Party Anywhere®,” revealing the essence of the experience through his eyes with each adrenaline-fueled shutter click. Enjoy!
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Who Screwed Up?

In September, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® admitted that one of its staffers royally screwed up and announced the wrong on-sale date for 2024 passes. To (hopefully) make up for the mistake, the legendary Sturgis Rally destination decided to have a little fun. When they sent out an email with the correct date, they also asked who you thought was responsible for the snafu and offered up a chance to win a free 2024 pass just for guessing. In case you missed it, read the mailer
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