Handicap Access

RV Camping Sites for Handicap

The Buffalo Chip strives to make every guest experience an enjoyable one. Should you have any special needs or requests, please contact us at least 30 days in advance of your arrival at 605-347-9000. The Buffalo Chip has a limited number of Handicap accessible RV sites available. The sites have either 30 AMP or 50 AMP electrical outlets and water hookups. They do not have sewer drains. The sites are located in the North shower building area, near the amphitheater. A valid state-issued Handicap parking credential will be required to access the handicap sites.

Procedures for the Disabled

  1. Accessible Camping is available to those with a state-issued sticker. Please make reservations by calling 605.347-9000.
  2. Accessible Parking is available near the East Box Office for attendance of concerts or other activities in the concert bowl. It’s available only to those with a state-issued sticker.
  3. Assistance is available upon request at the main gate or box office.

Policy Regarding Personal Mobility Devices in the Amphitheater

April 8, 2019

The safety and security of all Sturgis Buffalo Chip guests is our #1 priority

It is with that in mind the Sturgis Buffalo Chip has had to reconsider the use of golf carts and all-terrain vehicles in the Amphitheater. The use of golf carts and all-terrain vehicles has increased significantly to point it has become too dangerous for their use in the amphitheater, they will no longer be allowed effective 2019. Only personal mobility devices as described and shown below will be allowed into the amphitheater.

How to Permit Your Power-Driven Mobility Device

Guests with disabilities affecting mobility who require the use of a power-driven mobility device, must stop at the West Gate Security Office to obtain a device permit for use in the amphitheater.

Permitted Mobility Devices

Mobility devices eligible for a permit allowing entry into the amphitheater include walkers, manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled scooters.  All power-driven mobility devices must have a valid Sturgis Buffalo Chip permit in order to enter the Amphitheater. A valid Federal or State-issued proof of disability is required to obtain a permit.

Non-Permitted Mobility Devices

Golf carts and all other four-wheeled vehicles will not be allowed in the amphitheater. An exceptional disability circumstance may be verified in advance through valid Federal or State Disability permitting noting that a specific four-wheeled vehicle is required because of the disability and that a wheelchair or scooter is insufficient. To obtain a special four-wheeled vehicle permit for the amphitheater please contact the [email protected]  before July 15.  Four-wheel permits will not be issued after July 15.

Parking Areas for UnPermitted Personal Power-Driven Vehicles

Parking areas for unpermitted personal, power-driven vehicles are located outside the west and east Amphitheater entrances within easy walking distance to the concert and race areas.

Vehicle Speed

Those operating mobility devices allowed into the amphitheater must move no faster than a normal walking speed, in a courteous manner and within manufacturers’ instructions. Security will monitor the operation of all power-driven vehicles in the amphitheater to ensure the safety of all guests.