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6 Ways Anyone Can Get on Stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Hendrix, can burp your ABCs or are simply riding a streak of luck. There’s a way for anyone to get on stage at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. If you’d like to walk in the very footsteps of some of the most legendary names in music and spend a moment in the spotlight make sure you check out these five simple ways that can land you a spot on the Chip stage.
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Holiday Songs That’ll Rock Your Stockings Off

It’s that time of year again where the sound of jingle bells and holiday songs are ringing through the air just about everywhere you go. While there’s nothing wrong with cranking up some traditional tunes, those of you looking to rock will find this ready-made playlist filled with choice jams perfect for getting you rockin’ out in the holiday spirit. Vary up your listening this holiday season by checking out this list of holiday songs that’ll rock your stockings off from your friends at The Best Party Anywhere – The Legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip.
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25 Bands That Could Rock the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycle and Music Festival

Securing bands for The Best Party Anywhere® is no easy feat.

It often takes the entire year before all the variables fall into place.

But the process always starts by listening to requests from fans like you.

Planning is currently underway, and lots of you have been asking about bands and listing ones you’d ride across the country naked in a blizzard to see perform.

The following is a list of 25 bands that fans like you have put on the Chip’s radar. Are these the bands you’d go nuts to see join the Sturgis Buffalo Chip lineup?
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Who Screwed Up?

In September, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® admitted that one of its staffers royally screwed up and announced the wrong on-sale date for 2024 passes. To (hopefully) make up for the mistake, the legendary Sturgis Rally destination decided to have a little fun. When they sent out an email with the correct date, they also asked who you thought was responsible for the snafu and offered up a chance to win a free 2024 pass just for guessing. In case you missed it, read the mailer
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10 Years of Weird: The 2023 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

The end of the 2023 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings with it an important milestone. It was 10 rallies ago that you got your first glimpse of all the wild and crazy items left behind at the end of the annual two-week Sturgis Buffalo Chip party.

After a decade of documenting the debauchery, you’d think we would have seen it all. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each passing year seemed to up the ante, with year 10 cranking the weird all the way to 11.

With more than 250 of the most peculiar items making their way into this year’s collection, it’s safe to say no one at the Chip has outgrown having a good time.

Check out the Buffalo Chip Lost & Found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.
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Hot Cocktail Recipes For Every Season

You can’t spell “summer” without “cocktails.” Well, maybe you can, but who would want to? That’s why if you scroll on down, you’ll find 10 delicious and refreshing cocktails featuring the increasingly popular spiced rum, tequila, vodka and mmmmm, mmmmm, Irish whisky spirits from the William & Grant family of brands: Sailor Jerry, Milagro, Tullamore Dew, and Reyka! Sure, you can find tasty drinks like these at summer musical festivals like the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®.
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Forget Everything You Think You Know About the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Start from ZERO

Over the years, there’s been a lot of professing about what Sturgis is or isn’t, and who it is or isn’t for. “It’s just a bunch of big wheel baggers.” “It’s not my scene.” “There’s nothing there for me.” Insert any number of other zero fun or legit excuses. The Sturgis Buffalo Chip® asked themselves, if you’re with the largest gathering of moto enthusiasts and music festival fans in the world and you can’t make a new scene or your own scene, whose fault is that, really?
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The Responsible Party: 22 Photos that Explain the Lost & Found

By now, you’ve probably seen all the crazy stuff that got left behind at the Buffalo Chip after the 2022 Sturgis Rally. And if you have, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself, “What kind of deranged weirdos party like in the first place?”
While the world may never know exactly who hit the road without their box of emergency underpants or the front end of their motorcycle, we’ve identified some people who fit the description.
Check out these wild photos and let us know if you think we’ve found the responsible party.
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The Aftermath of the Weirdest Party Anywhere: The 2022 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

Another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has come and gone, and, like every other year, folks on the outside are full of questions.
How many people were there?
What were the best concerts?
How did it compare to last year? The 80th? The 75th?
Of course, the SD Department of Transportation releases traffic numbers. But to truly gauge how crazy the party was, you’ve gotta check out the stuff that turned up in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip lost and found. Check out the lost and found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.
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Predictions for the 2040 Sturgis Rally

Rumors surrounding the upcoming Sturgis Rally are flying so fast, they could easily break the land speed record. And since you never know what the event could bring, we’re not about to discourage speculation. In fact, we’ve got a few predictions of our own for the future to throw into the mix. If you think this year is going to be big, check out some of predictions for the party at the Buffalo Chip during the 100th anniversary of the Sturgis Rally!
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