The Responsible Party: 22 Photos that Explain the Lost & Found

By Mary Panerio

By now, you’ve probably seen all the crazy stuff that got left behind at the Buffalo Chip after the 2022 Sturgis Rally. And if you have, there’s a good chance you’ve asked yourself, “What kind of deranged weirdos party like that in the first place?” 

While the world may never know exactly who hit the road without their box of emergency underpants or the front end of their motorcycle, we’ve identified some people who fit the description.

Check out these wild photos and let us know if you think we’ve found the responsible party.

Friends playing footsie on a boatercycle

Whatever floats your boat.

The master and her freak on a leash

Yeah, I’m into BDSM—Being Dead, Surrounded by Motorcycles. 

Literal Party Crashers

@DaymonWoodruff and Joe Mielke @SoDakBigJoe used brute force to crack open some cold ones for attendees of the Official Sturgis Rally Kickoff Party.

3 Couch Surfers

The Gambler 500 is well known for their clean-up efforts, so it’s no surprise Jason Lightner and crew were the first on the scene.

That one guy who smashes tall boys like it’s his job

Hey, I was gonna drink that!

A woman so excited to introduce you to her man, she’s bursting at the seams

Nothing like staring at the goods and having them stare right back.

The inventor of camouflage pasties

Sorry, bud, no beads for you.

Santa modeling his summer wardrobe

Always be wary of any package he offers you in the off season.

Hot diggety…it’s a dog!

They are pack animals, after all.

The Star-Spangled Banner’s #1 fan

Giving proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Nobody’s old lady

Sorry, dude.

Cletus, the Roman god of mullets

Fall victim to his arrow, and you’ll never consider any other haircut. 

A blind guy who thought this was the bathroom

Sir, this is a slip ‘n’ slide. People put their faces here…

A physicist testing the law of gravity

He failed the test.

His stage name was “Buffalo Chippendales”

…and he swept the Homemade Mankini Contest at Bikini Beach.

This poor lost soul

See more crazy things that turned up at the Chip in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s 2022 Lost & Found!

Someone going nowhere fast

The Ives Brothers could run circles around you with their eyes closed.

Is that you, Elvis?

Don’t be cruel. We just want a quick photo.

She’s got zero capacity for bullsit

Ma’am…you’re supposed to keep your legs the other direction.

A man demonstrating how to grow a beer belly

For best results, water daily.

A Middleweight Cockfighter

Who’s got the balls to throw the first punch?

How many bikers does it take to roast one tire?

Evidently, it’s six, plus one to shoot the video.

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