Why the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®?

The Chip is the Best Party Anywhere®!

More World-Class Concerts!

Get an exclusive campground admission pass to unrivaled entertainment that’ll get you so excited you’ll understand why “Holy sh** that was f***ing awesome!” is an understatement!

In 2010, Ozzy Osbourne yelled “I F***in’ love this place” from the mainstage. In 2017 he returned reunited with guitarist Zakk Wylde.

Each year the Buffalo Chip Campground main stage hosts some of the biggest names in music. Legendary acts including Ozzy Osbourne, Kid Rock, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Aerosmith and hundreds more have played the Chip since 1981.

In addition, multiple showcase stages throughout the campground keep your party going before and after the main stage with amazing performances from up-and-coming talent.

Entertainment is free with camping.

More Events!

There is truly something for everyone at the Buffalo Chip. An amazing array of ridesracesbike showscontests, exhibits, powersports and stunts make for a jam-packed schedule of outrageous events that practically run around the clock!

Head nods and a flag drop sent racers off the line during the Buffalo Chip Street Drag Invitational.

More Fun!

Get funky at over 25 bars, take a dip or join in some ridiculous contests at the Bikini Beach Swim Paradise, break an after party sweat at Club Chip and take pictures with members of the International Bikini Team.

The Slip and Slide Contest is just one of the many hilarious and fun contests that happen daily at Bikini Beach.

“It’s all about the experience and what kind of attitude you go there with. Go to have fun…you’ll have fun! Where else can you experience all the Chip has to offer plus your campsite for around $300 for the week?”
 – Cheyenne Blackstone

More Friendly Crew Members!

The Chip crew continually strives to provide the best customer service and camping in Sturgis. To that end, we take all of your comments and suggestions very seriously—whether they’re good or bad. So let us know how we are doing and where you think we could use improvement. Send us your comments!

From the time you enter the grounds to the time you head home, friendly crew members like Ty from the Buffalo Chip parking crew (above) are happy to guide you through the experience and answer questions you may have.

Each year the Buffalo Chip receives many heartwarming compliments. It’s really motivating for our crew, most of whom return year after year to provide you with the friendly service you’ve grown accustomed to. Thanks to each and every one of your who’ve expressed your appreciation via email, FacebookTwitterYelp and Trip Advisor!

“I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and we are SO thankful for all your help during that crazy 1st day! We had the time of our lives and will never forget the 75th! We will be back every year from here on out! Thank you for all you do to make the Chip the best place in Sturgis! Have a great rest of your year, and we’ll see you next summer!” – Lindsay Kuula

More Happy Campers!

If you’re wondering whether to spend your vacation at the Chip, find out what others have to say about the Best Party Anywhere in our testimonials section to learn! Then check out our photo gallery and video gallery to see what all the hype is about!

The people you meet at the Buffalo Chip don’t just become your friends; they become the family you can’t wait to reunite with again every August.

“I stayed at the Legendary Buffalo Chip and had the time of my life! My face hurt at the end of the week from smiling. I met people from all over the world, good people. Was definitely one from the bucket list! Thanks again!!!!” – Chad Hall

More Amenities!

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy many of the comforts and conveniences of home while on vacation at the Chip during the Sturgis Rally.

If you need to fuel up before hitting the road, you can’t beat the convenience of the Buffalo Chip Stop & Fuel Gas Station, and you won’t find a better price nearby. This self-service gas station offers 93-octane fuel 24/7/365 near the corner of Russ Brown Blvd and Flag Avenue.

Take advantage of the on-site laundromats, savor a delicious meal in the air-conditioned SpeakEasy Steakhouse & Winebar, fuel up at the 24/7 Buffalo Chip Stop & Fuel Gas Station, service your ride at the Buffalo Chip Garage, and so much more!

More Bang for Your Buck!

You won’t find a better value anywhere else! One week of camping at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip costs far less than staying at a hotel in town that offers you no concerts, races, events, dancing girls, contests, neighbors begging you to join them in some serious life-changing fun…you get the point.

“An Alice Cooper concert ticket would normally be over 50 dollars. The Buffalo Chip provided us with Alice Cooper, Five Finger Death Punch, and Sweet Cyanide for roughly 28 dollars if you bought your pass early. To me, that’s extremely cheap! So if you plan on Sturgis, you better stay at the Buffalo Chip! The best parties, the best bands, best entertainment, and you’ll meet some of the nicest people ever while you’re there! And, it’s not even close to compare any other places.”
– Chad Stuewe

Book your camping packages in advance, and you’ll be rewarded with the lowest prices. Each package includes tent camping, free admittance to concerts and races, and access to shopping, free showers and a whole host of amenities.

Prices will increase as the Sturgis Rally draws closer. Make your reservations now to get the best concerts, entertainment and camping at the lowest possible price.

For even more ways to stretch your dollar, check out the Sturgis Rider® News Blog’s article “How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck – Secret Money-Saving Deals of the Chip Revealed.”

Free pancake breakfast near the West Gate is just one of many ways people can stretch their dollar at the Buffalo Chip.

More Campground Improvements!

For over four decades, guests like you have partied at the Buffalo Chip like it was their last hurrah. Over 20 years of major physical improvements to the 600-acre grounds ensure your stay will be more comfortable, more accessible and more fun each time around. To that end, camping at the Chip during the Sturgis Rally has never been as good as it will be in the coming years.

2023 Improvements

  • The “Softail” portion of the Buffalo Chip Event Center renovated to incorporate major brand activations, a high-end indoor bar, a Western façade and a new service location for the Rat’s Hole Bar.
  • East Entrance upgraded to include new pergola and entry mural, lighting and packed gravel.
  • 44 Beach View Dry RV Sites upgraded with power and water hookups.
  • Milagro Cantina with added deck built from a Silver Streak Trailer replaces Bikini Beach Bar.
  • Ticketing platform upgraded to TIXR, simplifying guest purchase experiences and decreasing box office wait times.
  • Covered catering deck built on the east side of the Bikini Beach Swimming Hole.
  • Stage West Bar and decking rebuilt to provide greater accessibility, more efficient service and a new window for Fenske VIP pass holders.
  • New deck built in front of Stage West Café.
  • Fresh oil and chip seal laid on a large portion of the main roads throughout the property.
  • Club Chip renovated with new steel walls, DJ booth and lighting.
  • New flagpoles erected for 80x50ft American flag on the north side of Freedom Field.
  • Elevated deck built at CrossRoads to provide attractive, highly visible location for bike show awards ceremonies.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2022 Improvements

  • Fresh asphalt laid on a large portion of the main roads throughout the property.
  • Le Village RV Area developed on east end of amphitheater, with asphalt, power and water.
  • Seven digital billboards installed throughout the property to share wayfinding and event information.
  • Stage East Bar rebuilt with new Western façade and revamped service areas to provide better customer service and an attractive, thematic appearance.
  • Fan VIP Bar incorporated into Stage East Bar to provide better customer service and an expanded Fan VIP Reception Area.
  • Permanent bar and merchandising facilities placed at Buffalo Chip PowerSports Complex.
  • Additional Off-Sale Beer & Ice location added near the Hoyt Axton Stage, adjacent to the South 40 RV Grounds.
  • Revamped layout of Roadhouse Deck bar in order to provide more efficient customer service.
  • Expanded south bar in the Big Engine Bar at the CrossRoads in order to double service capability.
  • Two large-scale guitar sculptures installed on the Upper Steel Bar in the amphitheater.
  • Top Shelf Bar interior remodeled to include large custom bar, second service station and conversation area for VIP guests and sponsors.
  • Remodeled and expanded the Water Tower Off Sale Beer & Ice location in order to accommodate a second ice truck and add additional bartender station to expedite sales for customers.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.


2021 Improvements

  • Additional 2,400 sq. ft permanent building erected at free-access CrossRoads destination to provide location for Lloyd’z Garage to join the Buffalo Chip Garage.
  • Alkali Road Power/Water RV Area developed near Vice Pond with 72 25×50’ sites.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2020 Improvements

  • 2,400 sq. ft permanent building erected at free-access CrossRoads destination to serve as the new home of the Buffalo Chip Garage.
  • Additional Jumbotron screen added in the amphitheater on the back of the Top Shelf Lounge.
  • Seating, drink rails and additional tiers added to concert viewing area at Top Shelf.
  • Private suites built in amphitheater above south food court.
  • Hell Track built at Camp Zero.
  • New rope swing installed at Bikini Beach Swim Paradise.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2019 Improvements

  • Big Engine Bar at the free-access Buffalo Chip CrossRoads fully renovated with two custom bars, stage, flooring, furniture and décor.
  • New motocross track built at Buffalo Chip PowerSports Complex by legends of motocross including Micky Dymond and Jeff Ward
  • Entry at West Gate repaved and widened to accommodate additional lanes.
  • Bridge installed between Marjoe’s Court and turn 3 of the flat track in the amphitheater.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2018 Improvements

  • CAMP ZERO camping area developed across Alkali Road by transforming a 75-year-old barn into a bar and developing adjacent land for the placement of five authentic 22-foot tipis.
  • New inflatable slip ‘n’ slide installed at Bikini Beach.
  • Permanent building erected on the northeast end of the CrossRoads to be the home of Sturgis Guns.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2017 Improvements

  • Award-winning track designed by seven-time Grand National Winner Chris Carr built in the amphitheater to host the Sturgis Buffalo Chip TT American Flat Track Races
  • Steel Bridge extended to increase second-tier concert and race viewing
  • New two-story vendor buildings erected in South Food Court
  • Cabanas installed at Bikini Beach
  • Buffalo Chip Stop & Fuel Gas Station built at the CrossRoads
  • Vanities installed in North and South Shower Houses
  • Privacy extension added to shower stalls to South Shower House
  • Stadium flooring placed in Fan VIP area
  • South Park High Cabins built and placed near South Shower House
  • Barber Shop
  • Sturgis Party Shuttle Bus Stops built along Flag Avenue near the West Gate and near 132 Avenue
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2016 Improvements

  • Hooligan Flat Track built in amphitheater infield
  • Drag Strip installed in the amphitheater
  • SpeakEasy Steakhouse & Wine Bar constructed in former Buffalo Chip Comedy Club
  • Over 60 moving lights and L-Acoustics Sound System provide improved concert production
  • Shade sails installed over entire CrossRoads horseshoe area
  • Video displays added to in the Roadhouse Party Deck, SpeakEasy, General store, Top Shelf Lounge and Fan VIP
  • Slip ‘n’ Slide built at Bikini Beach
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2015 Improvements

  • Designated ride-in/walk-in shaded camping areas created along the creek.
  • RV parking sites installed and improved in Blue Sky and Deep Lake Areas.
  • Vendor Showers installed near Water Tower.
  • Jägermeister Stag Lodge created on Upper Steel Bridge.
  • Large covered bar built in the center of the Patriot Pavilion.
  • Stadium floor installed inside Big Engine Bar at the CrossRoads.
  • Rally Information Center & Buffalo Chip Chamber of Commerce building erected at the CrossRoads.
  • Roadhouse Stage erected next to Roadhouse Party Deck.
  • Free Parking Lot graded.
  • Main campground thoroughfares patched.
  • Patriot Pavilion Road graded and graveled.
  • Planted 50 trees along Cottle Creek to provide additional shade in ride-in/walk-in camping areas.

2014 Improvements

  • Award-winning track built at Buffalo Chip PowerSports Complex
  • Wrap-around deck built surrounding Bikini Beach Swimming Hole
  • Sky Bridge built to connect Roadhouse Party Deck with Upper Steel Bar
  • Cell tower installed
  • Six-stall showers (men’s and women’s) installed near the PowerSports Complex
  • Shaded covering installed over horseshoe deck at CrossRoads
  • Two Ranch Cabins added
  • Ten four-person cabins added between the Patriot Pavilion and South Shower House

2013 Improvements

  • Twenty two-person cabins added between Patriot Pavilion and South Shower House
  • Miles of 3” waterline installed to better service existing RV sites in the South 40
  • Big Engine Bar at the CrossRoads doubled in size
  • Asphalt laid at CrossRoads
  • Asphalt laid inside amphitheater
  • New boilers added to each shower building

2012 and Prior Improvements

  • Award-winning free-access CrossRoads destination built
  • North and South shower houses built
  • Bikini Beach decks, cabanas and rope swing developed
  • Club Chip created
  • Fan VIP and Top Shelf Lounge created to provide exclusive concert views and experiences
  • 500 linear feet of steel skywalk 10 feet above the ground that you can ride your bike on added
  • Aerial steel bar and aerial burnout pits added
  • Burn Out Bridge added over Cottle Creek
  • Miles of underground plumbing and electrical installed and buried

See How the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Compares to Others

Sometimes it’s good to have options. And as you can see below, only the original biker-dedicated destination that brought music and motorcycling together during the Sturgis rally gives you more options than anybody else. See for yourself why it’s the best choice for your vacation! Entertainment is free with camping.

Activities & Entertainment Sturgis Buffalo Chip® The Other Guys
Multiple Stages of Entertainment X
World-Class Bands & Entertainers X
Concerts Free with Camping X
Multiple Days and Disciplines of Racing X
7 Days of Free Bike Show Access X
World-Renowned Motorcycles As Art Exhibition X
3 Signature Black Hills Rides X
International Bikini Team Nightly Pageant X
World-Record-Setting Stunts X
Amenities Sturgis Buffalo Chip® The Other Guys
Shaded Campsites
25+ Bars X
$1 Drafts & Dogs X
Motorcycle Retail & Mechanical Service Outlet X
Bikini Beach Swim Paradise with Rope Swing, Slip 'n' Slide and Sun Decks X
24/7 Gas Station with 93-Octane Fuel X
Free Daily Pancake Breakfasts X
Free Showers
Paved Roads
Accolades Sturgis Buffalo Chip® The Other Guys
Original Biker-Dedicated Entertainment Destination in Sturgis X
42 Years of Experience Throwing a Great Party X
AMA Track of the Year Award - 2014 X
American Flat Track Event of the Year Award - 2017 X
Locally Owned, Family-Run Business X
South Dakota Excellence in Tourism Innovation Award - 2017 X
Longest-Running Women’s Ride in Sturgis X
32 Years of Directly Supporting Veterans and Veterans’ Organizations X
Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association Special Achievement Award - 2021 X
Over $2.1 Million Donated to Charity X

You can’t get more for less anywhere else in the world.

Prices are at the lowest they’ll be all year, and they will increase at any time, so get yours now!

Your home for
Music, Motorcycles, Freedom & Friendship
is the Sturgis Buffalo Chip!