Field of Flags Pays Tribute to Those Who Have Served and Sacrificed

Free Public Access – Show Your Appreciation by Visiting this Stunning Display of 800 American Flags

Take in the moving experience of honoring soldiers past and present by walking or riding through the Buffalo Chip’s free public access majestic Field of Flags. This awe-inspiring display of 800 proudly waving American flags stands as a tribute to all servicemen and women who have sacrificed to protect our freedom. One stately flag stands every 10 feet for nearly as far as the eye can see. All are welcome to visit this free exhibit and watch the flags fluttering in the wind as a reminder that no force is strong enough to knock down the American spirit.

The Buffalo Chip first established the Field of Flags as a way to honor the brave men and women who had fallen while fighting in the Iraq war. One flag represented one American lost, with a soldier’s name sewn on each flag. Eventually the count became so high that there no longer was room to expand. Today the breathtaking display serves as a tribute to all soldiers, including active, retired and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Each year a large group of patriotic volunteers from the Sturgis, SD area respectfully raises the flags on the northwest corner of the Buffalo Chip grounds so both visitors and passersby may see them in time for Independence Day. The flags then stand resolute through the end of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, allowing visitors like you the opportunity to come pay tribute.

The magnificent display surrounds a solid granite memorial stone honoring all branches of service as well as POWs. The benches circling the stone offer a peaceful place for you to rest and reflect. During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the American Veterans Traveling Tribute Memorial Wall also provides the field’s solemn backdrop.

Tour Freedom Field Below

We all owe brave soldiers a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they’ve made. Don’t pass up this opportunity to show your appreciation. Be sure to visit the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Field of Flags and take part in the many other activities and exhibits that make up the Chip’s annual Freedom Celebration!

Who will you remember and thank when visiting the Field of Flags? Feel free to share their names in the comments below.

“This was an amazing site. We saw the Clydesdales on their walks among the flags…it was moving to us!”
– April Oliver