What Do Others Say About Their Stay at The Chip® During Sturgis Rally?

Sturgis Campground Guests Share Their Experiences

Been to the Chip? We’d love to hear about your experience. The Buffalo Chip strives to give campers the best Sturgis Rally experience. If you’d tell us about your time at the Buffalo Chip, click here

Here’s what some campground visitors have said about their experience at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip…

Woot! On cloud nine!!! Best time of my life!
Susan Abruzzo
Thank you Sturgis Buffalo Chip, our home away from home!
Lisa Joan Bessey
What a beautiful area to visit, had a great vacation in Sturgis this year.
Lynn Morris
The chip is like a drug…one time and you’re hooked for life. Thanks guys for always putting on the best party of the year
Joe Miller
Rode 17 hours - 905 miles home yesterday. Best vacation ever - Thanks!!
Mark Goerlitz
This is an awesome place, you need to see this once in your life.
Rick Thornbro
The people are all so nice.
Jenny Shelton
One Hell Of A Good Time …
Greg Tanguay
I have been to the Buffalo Chip six times in the last 12 years. There is nowhere else that you can truly have the Sturgis experience.
Joseph Clark
Camping, parties, concerts, and even a shuttle bus for those evenings when you just get smart enough to leave the bike behind. It rocks.
Michael Brown
The concerts were amazing…being able to walk right to them was fantastic.
Melony Caddell Graham
They bring in the best entertainment Sturgis has to offer! If you go there, be prepared for the best time of your life!
Michael Matula
It's an amazing party place where you’re safe and can party like a rock star.
Cindy McMillen
Greatest campground ever.
Eric Engle
It is a great place for camping and party. All your needs from dinner to shopping.
Eddie Landers
Good friends...good music...everything...home away from home.
Darsel Cox
Great Concerts, Great Staff!!!
Brian Martin
We were married on August 4th in Sturgis and rocked to ZZ Top that night. It was like they played at our reception! Awesome show, awesome party, awesome man I have!
Roberta Friend
Once in, really no need to leave. Good people, live music and plenty of good drink and food.
Elizabeth Barker Marmet
It's so true that you don't have to leave The Chip to experience the rally. There is no other place to camp than The Legendary Buffalo Chip!!!! Love the new "paved" roads!!
Jennifer McGee
It's a safe place to party because they simply hire the best security. The staff, well, they become family by the time it's all over. And where can you go and see so many concerts at one time? This will always be my home away from home! It's worth every penny! Love the Chip!
Janie Hedge
The Chip rocks! We all become one big family for seven days!
Mark Halvorson
We were there and the lightning show was amazing! Used my chair for an umbrella because the show was too great to miss!
Cynthia Morris
THANK YOU does not nearly express my gratitude for my wonderful, memorable first visit to the Best Party Anywhere! It was beyond expectation!
Lisa Isbell Hagdohl
I will be 100 years old in a wheelchair and still will be there for sure…of course will have killer engine on my wheelchair by then.
Puffnallawolfie Suziatto
What a place. Unreal. A dream.
Stephen Polley
I had a blast at the Chip. Thought they ran a top-notch event.
Chad Dannemiller
The staff was friendly and appeared to really know what they were doing. That made me feel comfortable and enjoy.
April Taylor
The people, camaraderie, awesome concerts, clean bathrooms and the list goes on and on! It was an awesome year and I can't wait to see it all again next year!
Hilary Shepherd
A favorite moment is hard to choose when it was all so great! The Chip is where it's at! Thanks Woody and the rest of the crew! Can't wait until next year!
Andie Gaskins
Thank you so much for a wonderful week! Your staff was incredible and very professional! We had a blast playing again for the good folk!
Antonsen Steve (Midstokke)
I didn't know what to expect at Sturgis, and wow, were we in the right place to fully get the Sturgis experience.
SSgt TJ Tejada
I didn't know how it felt to be a rock star until having a great time at the Buffalo Chip.
Sgt Jacob Delagarza
What an experience... I can't even believe sometimes that we got to meet and greet so many cool bands. The owner of the Chip personally welcomed us and thanked us for our service, what a great guy.
Sgt Ben Faler
We stayed in the Fenske Park Campgrounds, so the staff there was top notch, polite and accommodating to every need we had! Cleanliness of the restrooms, showers and dinning area were excellent.
Cathy Tyus
Had the time of my life! My face hurt at the end of the week from smiling. Met people from all over the world, good people.
The Chip is for Girls, too! They have tons of flush toilets and shower houses strategically located throughout the campground, and they're constantly being cleaned. I was really impressed. Be assured that the Chip's bathrooms/showers meet or exceed the quality of those in any other campground.
Linda C.
The VIP at the Chip ROCKED! It was the wildest & craziest eight day vacation of our lives.
Alan G.
I have to admit that I never thought I would be coming back to Sturgis for the 5th year, but now at the break of Spring each year, I start thinking of Sturgis and the Chip. It's addictive, but good for you!
Dave Canale, Columbus, Ohio
Wished I would have found you earlier, because I wasted a lot of years searching to have this great of a time. Anyone reading this, don't hesitate, come see for yourself !!
Tim Jenkins