10 Years of Weird: The 2023 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

The end of the 2023 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings with it an important milestone. It was 10 rallies ago that you got your first glimpse of all the wild and crazy items left behind at the end of the annual two-week Sturgis Buffalo Chip party.

After a decade of documenting the debauchery, you’d think we would have seen it all. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each passing year seemed to up the ante, with year 10 cranking the weird all the way to 11.

With more than 250 of the most peculiar items making their way into this year’s collection, it’s safe to say no one at the Chip has outgrown having a good time.

Check out the Buffalo Chip Lost & Found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.
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Hot Cocktail Recipes For Every Season

You can’t spell “summer” without “cocktails.” Well, maybe you can, but who would want to? That’s why if you scroll on down, you’ll find 10 delicious and refreshing cocktails featuring the increasingly popular spiced rum, tequila, vodka and mmmmm, mmmmm, Irish whisky spirits from the William & Grant family of brands: Sailor Jerry, Milagro, Tullamore Dew, and Reyka! Sure, you can find tasty drinks like these at summer musical festivals like the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®.
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Join the Buffalo Chip Family with the Best Sturgis Rally Jobs Anywhere!

Life is short. So why not work somewhere awesome? Sturgis Rally jobs at the Buffalo Chip are a great way for you to gain access to the most insane concert lineup during the Rally, while making money and potentially even starting your career in marketing, public relations or event production. With hundreds of positions available, you’re sure to find a spot at the Best Party Anywhere® to fit your needs and personality. Check out some of the available positions below and apply today!
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A Message from Woody About the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Have you been relying on the news or, worse yet, the rumor mill to get your Sturgis Rally information? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve been operating on old info or “alternative facts.” When it comes to something as important as a trip to Sturgis, it’s best to get your intel straight from the source. And what better source than the rally’s largest promoter, Rod “Woody” Woodruff, founder and president of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®?!
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The Aftermath of the Weirdest Party Anywhere: The 2022 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

Another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has come and gone, and, like every other year, folks on the outside are full of questions.
How many people were there?
What were the best concerts?
How did it compare to last year? The 80th? The 75th?
Of course, the SD Department of Transportation releases traffic numbers. But to truly gauge how crazy the party was, you’ve gotta check out the stuff that turned up in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip lost and found. Check out the lost and found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.
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Prepping Your Bike for Your Trip to Sturgis Buffalo Chip – Motorcycle Tire Pressure During the “Dog Days of Summer?”

That means tire pressure can vary up to 8%. With so much temperature difference over a day, it is important to check tire pressures at the beginning of the day when the tire is cool (before riding more than 2 miles). Apart from ambient temperature, heat by friction can alter tire pressure. Friction transmits heat to the inside of the tire, increasing in many occasions by 2.9 to 5.8 PSI. Even though a two to eight percent tire pressure may not sound like much on paper, remember that manufacturers advise a specific pressure number in order to extract the maximum performance of the tire in every aspect, so it is crucial in real-life situations. Small deviations directly influence a bike’s behavior.
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Sturgis Rally Highlights from the Buffalo Chip’s 40th Anniversary Party

The original venue to bring together music and motorcycles during the Sturgis Rally turned the BIG 4-0 this year. Suffice it to say, everyone anticipated the party celebrating this milestone would be one for the history books. Riders, rockers, celebrities and gawkers from across the globe all made their way to the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip® expecting that the Best Party Anywhere® would truly deliver on its name for the anniversary. And it did. Here were some of the highlights…

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Old School Is Still Cool: Keeping Throwback Culture Alive and Well in Sturgis

There is a consistent and enduring fascination with the roots of motorcycling. Vintage bikes and replications of classic styles are a driving force in the industry today. It’s funny, but often a rusted-out old chopper will draw a larger crowd of onlookers than a modern, futuristic-looking build. Is it nostalgia? Is it old-school charm? The only thing for certain is that throwback culture is alive and well in 2021
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Clearing Up the Smoke: Understanding South Dakota Marijuana Laws

South Dakota passed legislation on Election Day 2020 to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults, bringing the total number of states where recreational marijuana has been legalized to 19. At the federal level, however, the Drug Enforcement Administration continues to classify marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, “with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” These rapidly changing marijuana laws across the US can make you feel dazed and confused. We at the Buffalo Chip are here to clear up the smoke.
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