10 Years of Weird: The 2023 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

By Mary Panerio


The end of the 2023 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally brings with it an important milestone. It was 10 rallies ago that you got your first glimpse of all the wild and crazy items left behind at the end of the annual two-week Sturgis Buffalo Chip party.

After a decade of documenting the debauchery, you’d think we would have seen it all. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each passing year seemed to up the ante, with year 10 cranking the weird all the way to 11.

With more than 250 of the most peculiar items making their way into this year’s collection, it’s safe to say no one at the Chip has outgrown having a good time.

Check out the Buffalo Chip Lost & Found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.

A Well-Hung Monkey

Not your circus, not your monkey. Or is it?

A Coonskin Hat

Originally thought to be roadkill, and maybe it once was?

A Clear Plastic Retainer

Perhaps they took it off so they could try their luck with this next item…

A Portable Weiner Dangler

Franks for all the memories during the burnouts behind Bikini Beach!

A Fiery Romance Waiting to be Kindled

May this story be told at their wedding one day.

A Clamp for Every Occasion

What gets clamped at Clamp Camp is between them and God.

Some Leprechaun Skeletal Remains

Turns out the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow was actually a porta pot.

No, seriously…

A Pineapple Welcome Mat

Or should we say, a Welcome Matt….and Tonya…and Steve…and Brittney.

This Hand-Painted Sign

The only thing shameful about this club is that no one will be able to find it now.

An Unpaid Rally Violation

You can leave your ticket behind, Craig, but this record will haunt you!

Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit

Looks like people’s backsides weren’t the only things getting baked on the Bikini Beach deck.

1 Complete Safety Cone Made from Two Broken Ones

Teamwork makes the dream work.

A Chairway to Heaven

Many chairs came to their final resting place at the Chip in 2023.

Grills Gone Wild

Out in a field, ready to meat their maker.

Loads of Tents

They’re called EZ Ups, but judging by the number of broken ones, maybe they should be called EZ Downs.

Tons of Tired Tires

It’s no coincidence these ones were found near the Drifters Collective stunt shows at the CrossRoads.

A Pair of Chaps

.First, they lost their ass, then they lost their whole person.

An Idiot’s Treasure Map

…or a genius’ booby trap. 

A Shovel

Come on. That hole ain’t gonna dig itself!

A Tube of Whipped Cream

A legendary party deserves a legen-dairy party favor.

She’s got leg! She knows how to use it!

Doubles as a beer koozie in a pinch.

An Above-Ground Pool

Containing a number of messages, including:

“Dear Buffalo Chip Employees, ENJOY!

Thank you. See ya next year!”

A Bumper Sticker with an Important Message

Them’s the rules.

4 Knives

Pocket, utility and switchblade.

A Meade County Vendor License

Double D stands for DON’T DROWN! 

Some Not-So-Fresh Meat

Kim K’s photo that broke the internet has nothing on Miss Chippie balancing a case of Vienna sausages on her caboose.

A Recipe for Relaxation

When you get to a certain age, the dog stops eating your homework, and Sturgis starts snatching your scripts.

2 Air Conditioners

When the highs are in the 70s, who needs ‘em anyway?

We’ve Got Wood!

How much wood would Woody chuck? Just this one pile.

Hey, it’s hay!

Someone bailed on it.

A Hogrock Scarecrow

Putting one up is a good way to get folks to scatter quickly at the end of the rally.

A Rubber Band Ball

Do we wanna know what’s in the middle?

A Twisted Tea Beachball

“Some beach!”

A Wall of Diet Mountain Dew

No doubt inspired by the Monster Wall Smash during the Death Wire Daredevil Spectacular. Keep practicing, guys. Maybe someday you’ll ride with the big dogs.

The Book You Read When You’re Running Your Heater in August

That’s one way to heat things up on a chilly August evening. 

An Ice-Cold Beer Wearing a Tiny Winter Vest

With tiny pockets to keep your fingertips warm. 

A Case of Gatorade

That’s 28 thirsts gone unquenched. 

A Rat’s Hole Beer Mug

Someone made a pour decision.

4 Wallets

Three that look like they’ve been kept in a pocket, and this one that looks like it’s lived in the dirt for decades… 

Legend has it that Pat Patterson of Led Sled Customs has been carrying this crusty ol’ beast around for over 30 years.

8 Credit Cards

…and one Sam’s Club membership card.

Looks like there’s no more giant containers of peanut-butter-filled pretzels for you, sir.

11 Full and Partial Sets of Keys

Hope you’ve got a spare for your camper, your car, your bike and your handcuffs.

3 Helmets

Bicycle, brain bucket and full face coated with bugs.

1.5 Pairs of Gloves

Two with fingers, one without.

14 Pairs of Glasses

Readers, sunglasses and clears.

A Super Soft Blanket

Someone’s missing their cuddle buddy.

An E-Bike Charger and an AC Adapter

Things that make you go vroom.

A Hydration Backpack

Call 605-347-9000 and describe contents to claim.


Call and Describe to Claim

                    • 1 Women’s Diamond Wedding Ring
                    • 1 Men’s Wedding Ring
                    • 1 Harley-Davidson Ring
                    • 1 Family Ring with Engraved Names
                    • 1 Silver Bracelet
                    • 1 Pair of Bluetooth Headphones
                    • 1 Women’s Jacket


Does any of this stuff look familiar? Did you lose something you don’t see listed? If so, call (605) 347-9000 to search for and log lost and found items.

Want to see even more weird things campers have left behind after the Sturgis Rally? Check out the Buffalo Chip’s Lost and Found from past parties:


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Did you find anything that was left behind at the Buffalo Chip after the Sturgis Rally? Tell us what it was in the comments below so we can get it back to the rightful owner.