The Ultimate Guide to Custom Motorcycles Built for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

Looking for inspiration for your next build? Want to be the first to lay eyes on some brand new, high-profile custom motorcycles you could take home? Could you simply use a few minutes to daydream with some gorgeous bikes scrolling by on your screen? No matter your reason, this collection of amazing machines created for the Sturgis Buffalo Chip by some of the world’s most renowned custom builders is sure to be the cure for what ails you, unless, of course, what ails you is drooling.
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Building Buffalo Chip Family History

The old saying that “you don’t get to pick your family” is a bunch of B.S. Just ask Zach Lenning of Angry 1 Garage. This custom motorcycle builder from Tea, SD has an intense passion for family, both for blood relatives and for the chosen family he has found at his home away from home––the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. This passion led Zach to build two custom tribute motorcycles for the Chip in the last two years, as well as a host of custom Strider bikes, all without being asked.
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Buffalo Chip Signature B4 Motorcycle

The Sturgis Buffalo Chip has long been known as the place to be at the Sturgis Rally. Whether you’re spending your day riding through the beautiful hills of South Dakota on one of the venue’s signature rides, or you’re enjoying an ice-cold drink while checking out the bike shows and the iconic live music, the legendary Buffalo Chip has everything you need to make your rally one for the books. Literally everything. You can now even ride off on your own Sturgis Buffalo Chip signature motorcycle.
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Old School Is Still Cool: Keeping Throwback Culture Alive and Well in Sturgis

There is a consistent and enduring fascination with the roots of motorcycling. Vintage bikes and replications of classic styles are a driving force in the industry today. It’s funny, but often a rusted-out old chopper will draw a larger crowd of onlookers than a modern, futuristic-looking build. Is it nostalgia? Is it old-school charm? The only thing for certain is that throwback culture is alive and well in 2021
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Two Dudes with Tools: Simple Garage Projects for the Average Dude!

Let’s face it– knowing how to build and fix things in your life can save you lots of money, and the process of identifying and solving problems can give you immense satisfaction. If you’re already handy, then you no doubt know this. If, on the other hand, you barely know the difference between a pipe wrench and a pocketknife, you might wish you could improve your skills but have no idea where to start.
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Winterizing Your Motorcycle – Sturgis Rider® How-To Video Series

The end of fall can be a pretty lousy time of year for those who have to keep their bike parked over the winter. Returning your baby to the garage after one last teeth-chattering ride can be a pretty heartbreaking moment. But you shouldn’t let your sadness get in the way of your bike’s overall performance.

To make sure your bike will be ready to ride on the first warm day of spring, check out this video to learn the necessary motorcycle winterization steps from an expert.
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Women Builders Roll to the Front of the Pack

2017 was not the first time a woman’s custom motorcycle appeared in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s Motorcycles As Art™ exhibit, curated by Michael Lichter. But it was the first time five of them appeared at one time and the first time all the bikes featured were frame-up builds. With more women being invited to participate in motorcycling’s most prestigious annual custom exhibition than ever before, it seems there’s been no better time than the present to wrench like a girl. Read on to meet these women motorcycle builders, find out what’s unique about their builds and see the impact they’re leaving on the bike world.
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2017 Motorcycles As Art Exhibit, Old Iron – Young Blood, Takes Custom Motorcycles into the Next Generation

For nearly a decade, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip's® Motorcycles As Art™ exhibit curated by renowned motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter has led some of the world's most well-crafted and ornate custom motorcycles and related artwork into the legendary venue's Event Center during the Sturgis rally. The exhibit features a different theme each year that in turn informs the list of invited builders and artists. The 2017 theme, “Old Iron – Young Blood,” displayed the creations of 40 custom motorcycle builders and 18 artists all under the age of 36 and proved that the future of custom motorcycles rests in talented and steady hands. Check out the builders and bikes below and see for yourself!
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Shine On with these Motorcycle Chrome Polishing Tips

Motorcycle Chrome Polishing Tips Show You How to Remove Burned Rubber, Tackle Blue Chrome and Handle Scratches

If you don't know what you're doing when battling burned rubber, blue chrome, dull spots or scratches, it can be easy to turn a small imperfection into an enormous eyesore. So when you want your motorcycle looking its shining best, it pays to do your chromework! Find out the right ways to put the sparkle back in your cycle by checking out these chrome polishing and maintenance techniques from the experts at Fix My Hog.

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Double the Life of Your Motorcycle Windshield with these 3 Simple Tips

Motorcycle Windshield Cleaning and Maintenance Tips that Improve Appearance and Extend Lifespan

Bugs, grime and scratches come with riding. But did you know that properly maintaining your ride’s windshield, or any clear plastic component on your bike for that matter, could double their lifespan? It’s true. So if you’d like to save some coin while improving your ride’s appearance and your view of the road, check out these three quick and easy Fix My Hog tips.
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