Double the Life of Your Motorcycle Windshield with these 3 Simple Tips

By Fix My Hog

Bugs, grime and scratches come with riding. But did you know that properly maintaining your ride’s windshield, or any clear plastic component on your bike for that matter, could double their lifespan? It’s true. So if you’d like to save some coin while improving your ride’s appearance and your view of the road, check out these three quick and easy Fix My Hog tips.

1. Try the least aggressive method first.

Whether you’re removing debris, grime, scratches or dull spots, always try the least aggressive product first to see if it will take care of the problem.

Let’s say you’ve got some bug stains. Hot soapy water should do the trick, so try that first. If the stains remain, then it’s time to step it up with a glass cleaner.

PRO TIP: Let your glass cleaner soak in before wiping it off, and ways use a good quality microfiber towel.

Order of Application
Hot Soapy Water
Glass Cleaner
Fine Polish
Aggressive Polish

2. Use products manufactured specifically for the component you’re putting them on.

Never use harsh solvents like brake or carburetor cleaner on a Plexiglas or Lexan product. It will remove stains, grime and debris, but chances are it’ll start breaking down the surface itself in the process. Once that solvent dries, you’ll probably be left with a dull, hazy area that will be difficult to see through.

3. Remove scratches and haze with a fine polish.

If you accidentally missed tip no. 2, or you simply have some scratches you’d like removed, there are a number of fine polishes that can restore your component’s transparency. Depending on the extent of the damage you may have to polish the entire component.

Polishes work by completely removing a fine layer of the damaged surface. For this reason it’s again important to start with a finer polish and only work your way up to one that’s more aggressive when necessary.

PRO TIP: Always apply polish directly to the towel, not the surface itself, and don’t depend on the most aggressive polish to be your last step.

Order of Application
Fine Polish
Aggressive Polish
Fine Polish
Clean and Shine

For more tips on motorcycle windshield care, check out this helpful video from Fix My Hog:

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