Two Dudes with Tools: Simple Garage Projects for the Average Dude!

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Let’s face it– knowing how to build and fix things in your life can save you lots of money, and the process of identifying and solving problems can give you immense satisfaction. If you’re already handy, then you no doubt know this. If, on the other hand, you barely know the difference between a pipe wrench and a pocketknife, you might wish you could improve your skills but have no idea where to start.

That’s where Buffalo Chip Garage Two Dudes with Tools comes in! America’s half-funny, half-expert, half-novice team spice up life for themselves on Buffalo Chip Garage by taking on unusual projects like swapping out a motorcycle tire by hand like the good old boys, mad maxing itty bitty bikes to smash through walls of beer, making installation art sculptures from random materials found around the campground, all while cracking wise ass about the importance of blinker fluids and rear windshield wipers for motorcycles.

Follow along and have some laughs with renowned fabricator expert dude Joe Mielke of Snap Fabrications as he guides greenhorn regular dude Jeff Smith through tasks ranging from novice to advanced in this video series!

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Episode 1: Extreme Strider Action

The first Buffalo Chip Garage Two Dudes with Tools episode lets you get to know these two dudes a little bit as they tackle one of the most simple (or is it?) garage projects they could find, assembling a couple Strider Bikes, as well as dishing a bit on the All Kids Bike Program and wisecracking throughout.

Episode 2: Battery Bastards

The next Buffalo Chip Garage Two Dudes with Tools episode introduces you to the world of basic motorcycle battery maintenance and simplifies it for even the most uninitiated of aspiring DIY mechanics. Follow along with these half-funny, half-expert, half-novice dudes to see how to remove and test your old battery, and install a fresh YUASA BATTERY to get your scoot roaring again.

What would you like to see the dudes fix on the next episode of Two Dudes with Tools! Let us know in the comments below!

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