The Miss Buffalo Chip Video So Hot It’ll Melt Your Screen

By Jeff Smith

The biker babes from the Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant turn up the heat more than two-lanes of blacktop baking in an August South Dakota sun every time they set foot on the Wolfman Jack Stage. Lucky for you, Sturgis Rider TV® All Access caught everything you may have missed while wiping the steam from your riding goggles, plus some behind-the-scenes footage that shows how these head-turning hotties like to party once they step off the stage. Now that your pipes have cooled, grab some popcorn and get comfy because you’re about to enjoy the best view of the hottest biker babes anywhere!

The Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant, like all good things, must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean your time spent with luscious ladies has to be over! Check out these 22 Biker Babes You’d Love to Take for a Ride and all the smokin’ hot shots from the Chip’s 2015 Miss Buffalo Chip Photo Gallery! Of course, there’s nothin’ like the real thing, so be sure to reserve your passes so you don’t miss your chance to see bona fide biker babes like these in the flesh!

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