The Aftermath of the Weirdest Party Anywhere: The 2022 Sturgis Buffalo® Chip Lost & Found

By Mary Panerio

Another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has come and gone, and, like every other year, folks on the outside are full of questions.

How many people were there?

What were the best concerts?

How did it compare to last year? The 80th? The 75th?

Of course, the SD Department of Transportation releases traffic numbers. But to truly gauge how crazy the party was, you’ve gotta check out the stuff that turned up in the Sturgis Buffalo Chip lost and found.

More than 150 items made their way into this year’s collection after 14 days of music, motorcycles, freedom and fun. Judging by how completely bizarro they all were, it seems the Best Party Anywhere® may have become the Weirdest Party Anywhere.

Check out the lost and found for yourself and see if you can help the Chip find these items’ rightful owners.


The World’s Smallest Pair of Jorts

Do these classify as “janties” or a “jong”?

A Runaway Power Chair

The world is its handicap parking space.

A 3-Wheeled Harley-Davidson Golf Cart

There was no key, but you could take off the parking brake and say “potato-potato” and get the idea.

A Partially Used Box of Emergency Underpants

Doo what you gotta doo to keep partying.

Grills that Just Wanna Have Fun

That’s all they really want.

A Mysterious Amount of Mystery Meat

Those grills are missing out on a serious sausage party.

A Giant Game of Connect 4

First they lost the match, then they lost the whole game.

A Billy Idol Cardboard Cutout

They say Billy never Idles, unless it’s behind the fence backstage in Fan VIP.

Tons of Tents

In various states of disrepair.

Refrigerators of All Sizes

Just chillin’ out in the field.

Chairs with No Cares

Ready to rock, roll or relax.

A Couple-a Couches

Sleep on the loveseat.

2 Car Seats

Sometimes you gotta take drastic measures to make room for more souvenirs.

Some Fish Desperately Trying to Get Back to Water

Almost made it! 
And speaking of someone’s spicy tuna, it’s…

A Pile of Pretty Panties

Looks like someone will be going commando for a while.

A Flock of Flamingos

Fly high, free birds!

This Bonehead

Found all alone with no body.

A Front End

How far do you think they got without it?

A Half Full Gas Can

The price tag on the can was $18.99, and the gas inside was worth practically as much!

This Fireman’s Hat

Found at Club Chip, where DJ Hulio brings the fire during the nightly after party.

Something to Fan the Flames

Is it hot in here, or is it just the go-go dancers?

Registration & Proof of Insurance for a ’95 XLH883

Hope Robert didn’t have an encounter with Johnny Law on the way home.

This Trike

The third wheel always seems to get left behind.

A Table for Four, Please

There’s one available. Right this way.

Hundreds of Tires

Whether it was the extra miles or a few too many late-night burnouts, Fozzy’s Cycle Shop at the Buffalo Chip Garage and several campsites became the final resting place for refuse rubber.

A Flag & Pole Set

Getting real close to breaking flag code here.

A Painted Rock

According to a note on the back, this rock was painted for the Facebook group #5280Rocks that paints rocks to hide around Arvada, Denver and all of its neighboring cities and states to spread joy and brighten people’s day. It worked!

Loads of Floaties

Including two full truckloads of “specialized” inflatables that can’t be shown here.

2 Trailers

Rumor has it they hauled a motorized couch.

A Big Pile of Mufflers

The Lloyd’z Garage guys know loud pipes save lives.

2 Air Conditioners

They definitely got a workout during the hottest Sturgis Rally on record.

A Big Ol’ Pile of Wood

A gift in honor of Buffalo Chip founder “Woody”, perhaps?

A Twisted Tea Cornhole Set

Leaving this Bikini Beach prize behind is worse than getting tea bagged.

An Orry Kraw Poster

Folks that know him call him “Supercat”, but he should be called “Super Bad at Leaving his Stuff Behind”.

Jewel Case & Liner Notes for the Moody Blues’ “To Our Children’s Children”

At least they took the best part home.

A Rat’s Hole Beer Mug

You can lead a horse to the Rat’s Hole Bar, but you can’t make him drink from the cup forever. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

A Well-Traveled Camelbak Bottle

This thing could probably tell some stories.

A Pair of Pleather Pants

Freshly washed and ready to be sweat in.

A Box of Burlap

There are quicker modes of transportation to get around the property than a potato sack, but you do you.

A Blood Alcohol Meter

Blow ‘em, then leave ‘em.

A 15-Piece Drill Bit Set

Just a few bits short.

A Tiny Teddy

How em-BEAR-assing to leave this behind.

A Pair of Boots

So clean you could eat off the soles.

A Harley-Davidson Brain Bucket

Maybe they got excited when they found out South Dakota doesn’t require helmets for adults?

A Gas Cap

A fill-up ain’t any cheaper with the cap missing.

A Canon Sure Shot Telemax Camera

Could it be possible this has been floating around the grounds since 1991?

A Bikers Against Dumb Drivers Cutoff Shirt

New with tags from Hot Leathers.

3 Knives

Pocket, utility and switchblade.

3 Gloves

One pair and one lonely only.

8 Pairs of Glasses

Prescription, readers, sunglasses and cases.

6 Phones

“Hey Siri, tell your master their phone’s still at the Chip.”

1 Passport & Travel Journal

Belonging to Oliver Closeoff.

11 Credit Cards

Just a few cards short of a full deck

13 Sets of Keys

Anyone know a good locksmith?

Call and Describe to Claim

1 Shiti Cooler
2 Communication Devices

Does any of this stuff look familiar? If so, call (605) 347-9000 to search for and log lost and found items.

Want to see even more weird things campers have left behind after the Sturgis Rally? Check out the Buffalo Chip’s Lost and Found from past parties:

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