Jimmie Bratcher Brings Otherworldly Blues to Chip’s Motorcycle and Music Festival

Let the Electric Reverend Ordain His Divine Sound on You Aug. 5!

Unearthly melodies and blistering blues guitar licks will fill the August air when The Electric Reverend, Jimmie Bratcher, descends upon The Best Party Anywhere® to usher in the biggest kick off party in Buffalo Chip history. After thrilling audiences on the Buffalo Chip’s showcase stages for years, Bratcher will bring his boundless blues to the legendary Wolfman Jack Stage for the very first time prior to performances from the legendary Willie Nelson and Drake White and the Big Fire on Friday, Aug. 5.

While some may find it conflicting to hear a minister playing “the devil’s music,” the only contradiction found in Bratcher is that he is a happy blues man. He says there are only two kinds of music – good and bad – and when Bratcher unleashes his heavenly sound on the Buffalo Chip amphitheater, you’ll immediately see he’s making the good kind!

The Reverend’s music career started when someone replied to his father’s classified ad, which offered to trade his 1958 Desoto for an electric guitar and amplifier for his son. Although the young artist was passionate about playing, Bratcher felt called to ministry. But after a few years, he began singing and writing songs again—working them into his sermons and community outreach services. After the overwhelmingly positive response, he began singing all over the country.

The good-time mojo of the Electric Reverend’s rockin’ blues performance on Friday, Aug. 5 is sure to set free your heart and mind, and maybe even your soul. Don’t pass up the opportunity to receive a blues blessing from above to start off your Sturgis Rally. Reserve your passes now!

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“This place is amazing! They bring in the best entertainment Sturgis has to offer! If you go there, be prepared for the best time of your life! YOU WILL RETURN!” – Michael Matula