Josh Funnemann to Tickle Funny Bones at the Chip during the Sturgis Rally at the Buffalo Chip Comedy Club

Bust a Gut as this Attention Whore Does Whatever it Takes to Get You Rollin’ During Nightly Stand Up Performances

When you’re last name is Funnemann, it’s almost as if you were born to make people laugh. And when you’re an attention whore like comedian Josh Funneman, you’ll go to any length necessary to make sure those laughs never stop! After splitting sides at the Buffalo Chip Comedy Club during the 2015 Sturgis Rally, Josh will have you and your friends in stitches again in 2016 during nightly performances with Dwight York.

An upbringing in a big dysfunctional family and an extremely small town has given Josh a light-hearted approach to life. It’s also provided him with a hoard of hilarious stories that’ll be easy for you to relate to.

After a childhood destined to make him the consummate class clown, this funny man continued to sharpen his acting and comedy chops in front of crowds at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where he received a degree in theater performance. Since then Josh has worked with a number of well-known comics including Dustin Diamond, Todd Bridges and many others.

Don’t be so serious; reserve your passes now so you can yuk it up with Josh and the rest of the comedians at the Buffalo Chip Comedy Club!