Pop Evil to Kick Off the 2018 Motorcycle and Music Festival

Feel the Roar of Waking Lions on Friday, Aug. 3

Brace yourselves for a hard-hitting concert that’ll ignite like gasoline-soaked gunpowder, setting the tone for an explosive nine-day music and motorcycling experience at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. Fan favorites Pop Evil will wake the lions of the Best Party Anywhere on Friday, Aug. 3, and the roar will be deafening.

When Pop Evil’s blend of metal and alternative badassery hits your ears, you might not be sure how to describe it, but one thing you’ll know for sure is you won’t be able to stop listening until the show is over.

Who: You and Your Friends
What: Pop Evil
When: Friday, Aug. 3, 2018
Where: Buffalo Chip Amphitheater
Why: Take your party straight to the red line
How: Reserve your passes now!

Pop Evil has been an established rock and roll force since they released their debut EP in 2007. In that time, the band has become a mainstay on rock radio and the main stages of the biggest rock festivals in the world. The band will continue their rock festival main stage domination this summer throughout the U.S. and Canada supporting their eponymous sixth album, “Pop Evil.”

Pop Evil is one of those bands that’s constantly evolving, even when you think they’ve reached their limits. The band’s dynamic rock show is packed with their ever-expanding catalog of anthems, head-bangers, ballads and experimental melding of all of the above. By the time they’ve blasted through tracks like “Waking The Lions,” “Torn to Pieces,”  “Footsteps,” “Trenches,” “Deal with the Devil,” and “Take It All,”, you’ll be a smiling sweaty mass of happy that’s ready to party all night.

Don’t miss your opportunity to partake in a soul-shaking, head-banging, ass-kicking party with an amazing rock band you must see to truly understand. Reserve your passes today!