From Ashes to New at the 2021 Buffalo Chip Music Festival Grand Finale

Rise from the Ashes for One Final Sturgis Rally Concert Night, Saturday, Aug. 14!

Things are guaranteed to get crazy when From Ashes to New rises for the final night of Sturgis Rally concerts during the 40th anniversary of the Best Party Anywhere®. The Lancaster, PA-based quartet will blast their blend of rock, hip-hop, pop and metal from the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®’s Wolfman Jack Stage on Saturday, Aug. 14 prior to P.O.D. When they do, you’ll have no choice but to get caught in the panic.

Who: You and All Your Friends
What: The Grand Finale to the 2021. Best Party Anywhere with From Ashes to New and P.O.D
When: Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021
Where: Buffalo Chip Amphitheater
Why: Because you’re ready to get down on the final night of the party
How: Reserve your passes now!

Since getting their start in 2013, From Ashes to New have been picking up fans with all sorts of musical tastes thanks to its relentless grooves, genre-bending hybrids and true-to-life message. Their music is an inspiration for the people from all walks, showing that anyone can take risks and no one has to settle into an expected life of mediocrity.

After nearly two full weeks of Sturgis Rally revelry, tracks like “Through It All,” “Crazy” and “Panic” will be exactly what you and your friends need to rise from the ashes and party for one final epic night.