Tanks and Machine Guns

Buffalo Chip Is THE Place For Non-Stop Action!

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Remember as a kid playing army with those make-believe soldiers and tanks? Remember how much fun you had and all the sounds you made while pretending to be in combat? Well now that you’re all grown up, you can play for real during your stay at Buffalo Chip Campground!

The 2007 Sturgis Rider Rendezvous
Tank Ride and Machine Gun Shoot

Don’t miss out on what might be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride in a WWII Russian T-34/85 Tank. We’re not talking about some comfy climate controlled Hollywood prop either. When you sign up for your Tank Ride at the 2007 Sturgis Rally you’re going in the real thing! You can be the Commander, Main Gunner, Loader or Machine Gunner. Or better yet – you could find yourself in the driver’s seat!

Since it’s a real tank it means you’ll be crawling in from the top of the tank through a fairly small hatch. It also means that once you get moving, you’re going to get bumped around and possibly come out with a few bruises. But it also means you’re going to have one very cool story to tell everyone you see at the 2007 Sturgis Rally.

Before your trip we’ll dress you up in a padded helmet and tank suit and give you protection for your eyes and ears. Then you’ll be off.

If riding in the tank isn’t for you, you can still come by and have a look inside. Check the Buffalo Chip Campground 2007 schedule to find out times for walk ons.

And now, for your shooting pleasure – Choose your weapon!

Browning M2HB .50 Cal,  Browning 1919A4,  Browning M37,  M240B, M249 SAW, RPD, PKM, BAR 1918A2, Bren L4A3, M14, FNFAL-G1, M4A1, M16A2, Thompson M1A1, M3A1 Grease Gun, M3 Grease Gun, M2 Carbine, Sten MK III, M92 Krinkov, AK47, AK Bulgarian Krinkov, VZ-58, MP5, UZI, Colt 9MM SMG, Port Said/Swedish K, and more!

These are real working machine guns just like your toy soldiers used to carry. But again, they’re not props! They’re for real and if you’ve ever wanted to feel what it’s like to shoot one you’ll have your chance at Buffalo Chip.

We’ll supply the machine guns, bullet proof vests/flask jackets, ear and eye protection and a designated area within our Buffalo Chip Campground so you can shoot your heart out! (Well, not literally.)

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