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The Buffalo Chip is shaking up the world where colleges teach from textbooks and professors wear ties – We’ve put on the gloves, headed to the shop and brought the leaders of the motorcycle industry with for a 2k10 Challenge. The collaboration of industry and education is making an example of how business can influence much more than class standards and teaching structure. Its showing how a career of creativity, skills, craftsmanship can engineer more than a successful lifestyle.

We found emerging talent in Western Dakota Tech’s Welding and Fabrication programs and issued them a challenge. A challenge to work alongside world class bike builder, Michael Prugh, to learn more about how a work of art comes together on two wheels and build one that’s ready for the road by Graduation Day. The 16 weeks are captured in pictures, personal stories and video to give you the inside look at this once in a lifetime opportunity. We’ll be following the build until the official debut on Monday August 9th at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and would enjoy having you along for the ride. Check back often!

The college students that we have featured in the first 2k10 Challenge webisode have stepped up and put in far above the required hours. We are proud to show how the Buffalo Chip, Prugh Designs, Black Hills Harley Davidson, Custom Chrome, JayBrake, Hot Leathers and Performance Machine are giving the next generation of the motorcycle industry a bird’s eye view of their future. See how the build gets its first customized piece with more of the story in video and pictures here.

2023 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 31–Aug. 3
Concerts Aug. 4–Aug. 13

2024 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 29–Aug. 1
Concerts Aug. 2–Aug. 11

2025 Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Pre-Rally Party Jul. 28–Jul. 31
Concerts Aug. 1–Aug. 10

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