A Photo Adventure of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip® by Aaron Packard

By Mary Panerio

Capturing the real magic of life goes far beyond having a good eye and the right equipment. Sometimes it requires fully immersing yourself in the party, making friends with your subjects and getting in the middle of some weird shenanigans. To give you an insider’s look at what makes the Best Party Anywhere® so special, photographer Aaron Packard did just that. Join him on his gonzo adventure through two weeks of motorcycles, music, freedom and camaraderie that’ll make you want to hop on your bike and head right to the Legendary Buffalo Chip.

About Aaron C. Packard Productions
Over the years my photography has taken numerous turns but my subject has remained people and the human condition. Studio based portraits photographed on Large format film, reportage style documentary projects, nude studies, and clean commercial lifestyle imagery. This combines in an amalgamation of new media and classic processes, of image making, and artistic presentation; a search for balance in contemporary technology based image creation and the traditional craft of photography. Think of me as a problem solver; a custom style developer.