Covid-19 and Sturgis – The Truth of It In Memes

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Covid-19 And Sturgis

Here’s the Truth of It
In Memes…

It Was The Single Largest Event Held In 2020

Open Air Is The Safest Environment

Outdoor Events Can Be Safely Held

Real Human Connection Is Essential

The Majority Of People Act Respectfully When Expected To Act Responsibly

Social Interaction Is Proven To Reduce Stress, Combat Depression And Stimulate The Mind

Personal Interaction Creates Empathy For And Understanding Of Other Human Beings

TV and Internet Virtual Experiences Can’t Replace Real Human Connection

There Are Places To Exercise Your Freedoms

You Can’t Find This Anywhere Else

Pollstar Magazine Coined The Buffalo Chip A Beacon For Freedom

The Safest Way To Experience The Rally Is The Sturgis Buffalo Chip

People Are Prepared

2020 Got A Lot Of Attention

And the Buffalo Chip is Going To Do It Again

Because… It’s Healthy For Your Soul

Because… We Need To Get Out And Live

Because… Sensationalized Media Superspreader Misinformation Was Debunked

Because… Congress Shall Make No Law … Abridging The Right Of The People Peaceably To Assemble

To Celebrate We’re Giving Away $30K In Prizes

Enter Now!

And Announcing KIIIIIIIIIIID ROCK… The Biggest Live Entertainment Since The Pandemic Began

In 2021
People Will Again Experience

What are you the most excited to do next year? Tell us in the comments below!

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